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Hellpoint Patch Notes Update 1.04

Hellpoint Patch Notes Update 1.04

Hellpoint Patch Notes Update 1.04

Cradle Games published a new upgrade for Hellpoint today. Below are full details of the August 19 upgrade.

The Hellpoint Update 1.04 is currently available for downloading. The upgrade has been published to the PC version, the PS4 variant was released now and also the corresponding Xbox One patch will probably follow shortly.

  • Fixed the problem with enemies with vacant wellbeing bars while being alive in co-op manner
  • Fixed the guest getting”imperceptible attacks” into co-op style
  • The sponsor may now kick the guest in co-op manner with the”Disconnect” option in the Internet tab
  • a Great Deal of things can now be dismantled
  • Fixed the Ghost using too strong stats from New Game +
  • Fixed Interface with an”exploitable” floor layout
  • Fixed Interface laser being obstructed by its own arms
  • Fixed Interface laser coping”one-shot” harm Rather than damage over the years
  • Additional a floating platform into the Sentient combat (co-op)
  • Fixed the quest reward for Ozyormy Goija, inserted a missing catalyst into the entire world
  • Tweaked that the”wall” shooting mode of this Channelers
  • Changed if the Council opens Nemundis’ gate when turning in 150 percent pursuit, therefore it will not remain closed
  • Fixed a stuck Horde at Arisen Palace
  • Online sample rate is currently 30 rather than 100, which should avoid buffer overflow
  • Fixed a Ring Puzzle fog gate not opening correctly
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Omnicube Transposition app
  • Clamped the energy price decrease in the Firearm Conductor
  • Improved the Dagger and Shard hitbox reach
  • Tweaked a few Twitch integration vote alternatives
  • Optimized the primary processor cost of this axion visual impacts
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