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Hellpoint PC Patch Notes Update v358

Hellpoint PC Patch Notes Update v358

Hellpoint PC Patch Notes Update v358

Cradle Games Launched a Brand New PC Upgrade for Hellpoint today. Below are full details of the September 10 upgrade.

The Hellpoint PC Update is currently available for downloading.

Hellpoint Patch Notes September 10 / Model 358

  • Moved the coin that is inaccessible:Coin: at Alma Mater (sorry for the inconvenience!)
  • All weapons (except people in the Pond console) could be curbed:Hatchet:
  • Unused Breach Synchronizers are not missing in New Game+
  • Frozen fire/frost consequences not being correctly applied to your enemies
  • (Try ) Fixed a menu responding to enter while Alt-Tabbed
  • Balanced NG+ harm and rewards for greater degrees
  • Upgraded and speeded up the credits
  • Prevented a co-op spouse from Having the Ability to attack neutral NPC
  • Additional”Camera shake” alternative to configurations
  • Fixed GOG accomplishments not being unlocked
  • Fixed Ring Puzzle gates not opening some scenarios
  • Fixed strikes feedback not showing up to players
  • Balanced the Quantity of radiation damage implemented
  • Fixed some firearm melee strikes not coping damage:Rifle:
  • Fixed a collision by performing a hefty jump attack with a few firearms
  • Fixed some invisible enemies at co-op manner
  • Removed undesirable things from showing up at the stock
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