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Hellpoint Xbox One Patch Notes Update

Hellpoint Xbox One Patch Notes Update

Hellpoint Xbox One Patch Notes Update

Cradle Games Now released a Brand New Hellpoint Upgrade for the Xbox One. We’ll have relevant details regarding this patch on August 31st.

In the moment we don’t know if it’s the corresponding update will be published for PS4 and PC.

Hellpoint Patch Notes — Xbox

  • Additional port sniffing and shifting to Improve connectivity
  • Fixed invisible enemies at the co-op mode
  • Fixed the invincibility when interrupting teleportation
  • Re-enabled erasing game saves
  • Fixed directors not providing axions and things to the second player in co-op
  • Fixed invisible enemies when spawned from Room Controllers
  • Fixed 3 items Which Weren’t accessible
  • Fixed the horde not showing under some circumstances
  • Fixed the infinite loading screen when connecting online
  • Removed the unneeded fog gate before Uthos in the Underworld
  • Fixed an issue where you could teleport to the arena of a revived boss
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t face Nemundis if called from the council on 150% data
  • Made the heal upgrade shareable in the co-op mode
  • Tweaked some Twitch vote effects
  • Made neutral NPCs immune from attacks landed in the co-op mode
  • Fixed wall (“hand”) invites not providing proper connection
  • Added UPnP support; If you’re having a connection problem, you can turn it on on your Internet router
  • Fixed an issue of upgrading a conductor without a weapon
  • Fixed the environment loading issue after death in co-op
  • Reduced boss Ozy’s front and back slams’ areas of effect
  • Moved the unreachable item in Arisen Palace
  • Fixed the Antigravity Module
  • Added the missing Underworld fog gate in Alma Mater
  • Fixed music not sounding properly on stereo/surround systems
  • Fixed the softlock in the Sentient fight cinematic (black screen)
  • Fixed Nemundis’ revive option from the council
  • An attempt to fix the ghost locking itself in strafing or dodging
  • Fixed a few localization mismatches
  • Fixed Celestial Beast not spawning properly as”tinyBeast” pet
  • Added game version display to the main menu
  • Performance optimization on FX and interactive objects
  • Fixed the issue with enemies having empty health bars while being still alive in co-op mode
  • Fixed the guest receiving”invisible attacks” in the co-op mode
  • The host can now kick the guest in co-op mode using the”Disconnect” option in the Internet tab
  • a Great Deal of items can now be dismantled
  • Fixed the Ghost having overly powerful stats in New Game +
  • Fixed Interface having an”exploitable” floor pattern
  • Fixed Interface laser being blocked by its arms
  • Fixed Interface laser dealing one-shot damage Rather than damage over time
  • Added a floating platform to the Sentient fight (co-op)
  • Fixed the quest reward for Ozyormy Goija, added a missing catalyst to the world
  • Tweaked the”wall” firing mode of the Channelers
  • Changed when the Council opens Nemundis’ gate when turning in 150% quest so it doesn’t stay closed
  • Fixed a stuck Horde in Arisen Palace
  • Online sample rate is now 30 instead of 100, which should prevent buffer overflow
  • Fixed a Ring Puzzle fog gate not opening properly
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Omnicube Transposition
  • Clamped the energy cost reduction from the Firearm Conductor
  • Increased the Dagger and Shard hitbox reach
  • Tweaked some Twitch integration vote options
  • Optimized the main processor cost of the axion effects
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