Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Notes Update 1.05

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Notes Update 1.05

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Notes Update 1.05

Guerrilla Games introduced a brand new PC upgrade for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. Below are the complete patch notes for this upgrade on September 16.

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.05 is currently available for downloading. Today’s upgrade fixes a couple of bugs in the game and advancements have been made.

  • Fixed a crash in NetPresenceManager that a few gamers experienced when entering the match or the standard from the Primary menu
  • Fixed an accident in which the Steam SDK could crash initialization Once the game executable was launched right from installation folder Instead of via Steam
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if the participant pressed’Cease’ in Steam instantly after pressing’Play’
  • Fixed a startup crash when using Avast antivirus
  • Fixed a crash which could happen when VRAM was Going to become oversubscribed

Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed a problem with Aloy’s hair not showing properly when the match is running over 30 FPS
  • Shader animations (e.g. hologram locks on doors, GAIA at cinematics, etc.) are no longer secured to 30 FPS, however operating unlocked framerate
  • Fixed a problem with flickering textures in primary pursuit”A Gift from the Past”
  • Fixed a problem with flickering snow resources
  • Fixed a problem with nautical paintings at Song’s Edge
  • Fixed graphical corruption Problems That only happened on particular GPUs
  • Fixed a problem where the game could start in windowed mode Rather than fullscreen Once the participant is utilizing another window when booting the match
  • Fixed a problem where the game Wouldn’t operate in the correct resolution when switching from windowed to fullscreen
  • Added an Choice to turn away”fuzzy sidebars” in ultrawide settlements and screen black sidebars rather

Additional Improvements

  • Let players to boot the match if the version of windows used is discovered to be too low to operate the game in a steady state
  • Added an Choice to turn off control vibration/rumble
  • Fixed a problem in the saving of this’consent to monitor data’ characteristic of this participant profile (then re-asking for stated permission)
  • Fixed a problem in which the opening cutscene audio Wouldn’t play if the player stops out and instantly begins a brand new game
  • Fixed a problem where inverting mouse controllers also influenced dialog tree option input
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