How the Empyrean Foundation In Destiny 2

How the Empyrean Foundation Donations Work – Destiny 2

How the Empyrean Foundation In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 — The Way the Empyrean Foundation Donations Function

From J.P. on February 6, 2020 on Tips

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn — The Way the Empyrean Foundation Donations Really Work / Empyrean Foundation Donation.

To have the ability to make Empyrean Donations, simply complete the quest from Saint-14. All it involves is beating the Inotam Boss in Sundial, then select up 30 orbs.


Collect the Polarized Fractaline made at the week from the Tower Obelisk.


Generate larger quantities by repairing components of the obelisk and increasing the Resonance Ranks of another obelisks.

From that point you may take pleasure in the very slow progress bar of donating of materials! It does make more sense to update the Obelisks very first, and that means you will receive more Polarized Fractaline every reset. And donating towards the finish.

Additionally, it is worth noting that donations also advance the Timelost Weapon Bounties. It requires a contribution of 400 to finish the bounties, making for a few easy XP.

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