How to complete the Groot ‘Awakening’ challenges

How to complete the Groot Awakening challenges

How to complete the Groot Awakening challenges

This week, diligent Fortnite gamers will probably be near unlocking Groot — a few might have already done so.

You just have to see two places on the map, so you’re able to complete this one in 2 matches. Here are the challenges that You Have to finish, Together with a map of the place to locate them:

For your first battle, all you want to do is property on the heart-shaped island from the shore of Holly Hedges. You will notice a thin ray of light coming down, pointing you to where you are going to want to plant the seed.


The”Friendship Monument” is really a cute reference to the previous seasons of Chapter two. The Hayman out of Frenzy Farm and Pipeman in the south east of this map have met, and therefore are high-fiving out of Sweaty Sands.

Following that, you can move on another set of challenges. As we mentioned, Groot offered small trouble, as anticipated. He is among the more comfortable heroes around the Marvel roster.

Remember that these challenges will not be available immediately. You will want to unlock Groot and wait another eight degrees to unlock his Awakening challenges. In case you haven’t stored Baby Groot however, it is possible to have a look at our manual to this question. As always, we will keep you covered with more hero struggles as the weeks unfold.


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