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How to earn free Fortnite cosmetics by watching the Season 3 FNCS

How to earn free Fortnite cosmetics by watching the Season 3 FNCS

How to earn free Fortnite cosmetics by watching the Season 3 FNCS

It is possible to have a peek at a complete program for those broadcasts here. Through the event, audiences will have a opportunity exclusive in-game makeup, by simply watching the experts battle it out for first location.

These makeup include a complimentary spray, emote, and rear bling to commemorate the occasion. This is your chance to obtain these things, therefore Fortnite collectors are going to need to be certain they tune in using their Fortnite and Twitch accounts connected.

Most longtime Fortnite gamers and audiences will have already connected their Epic and Twitch accounts. People who have not can log in their Epic accounts and do this by clicking here.


It is important to be aware you will have to have connected your Epic and Twitch accounts over the previous six weeks to be eligible to make these Twitch Drops. Whoever has connected their account before this time might need to unlink and relink them. Some people had trouble getting the previous FNCS Twitch Drops, and this might be the reason .

Once unlinking and relinking your account, all you’ve got to do is tune in to any air of this Season 3 FNCS. The official broadcast has drops empowered, needless to say, however Epic are opening the door to anybody who wishes to flow and empower drops. The majority of the partnered Twitch streamers that take part in the FNCS must have drops empowered, also, so the best way to see is all up to you. When the eligibility section of the season finishes, you ought to have the FNCS makeup on your own locker. Have fun viewing it!

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