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How to easily counter the Boogie Bomb in Fortnite Season 4

How to easily counter the Boogie Bomb in Fortnite Season 4

How to easily counter the Boogie Bomb in Fortnite Season 4

The first 3 seasons of Chapter two were relatively stagnant, but Epic ramped up things with their most recent release.

Whether you enjoy the Marvel crossover along with the enthusiast skills or not, it is difficult to argue that the total game is much more entertaining than it’s been in the recent years. We’ve got a brand new fishing system, a few interesting POIs, a much better meta that does not rely on spray weapons, and a few fan-favorite items returned into the loot pool.

Among these fan-favorite things was that the Boogie Bomb — among the very first genuinely unique items which Epic ever inserted to Fortnite. It had been things such as the Boogie Bomb and Impulse Grenade that actually made Fortnite feel just like Fortnite in these ancient days.


The Boogie Bomb is much more than only an enjoyable instrument, but it is a wonderful means to outplay your opponent. A well-timed Boogie Bomb could spell the end to get a participant when their competitor has got top-tier aim.

Only consider what Clix did using a Boogie Bomb along with a Shotgun in among the Arena matches. A little item such as this has some huge outplay capacity in the palms of tier-one experts.

In Season 4, but there is a very simple trick that can hard-counter a Boogie Bomb that strikes you. All you will need is a few Crash Pads.

It seems sensible he knows about a hint like this.

Like Crash Pads were not helpful enough, already. They offer excellent freedom, let you leap in to boxes, and let you cancel a Boogie Bomb. You may also fish together if you would like.

There is not much to the trick besides being conscious of it and using Crash Pads on your stock. Most gamers will not understand this really is coming, and that means you will be able to easily capture them . Have fun!

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