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How to make a free throw in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21

How to make a free throw in NBA 2K21

What exactly do you have to know about creating free throws in NBA 2K21? Let us discuss what you need to do.

Whenever you do this, you need to see a tube (unless the Shot Meter is off) which comprises a bigger yellow line along with a yellow bar with a transparent line in the center. Your purpose is to launch X/Square as near as possible to the center of the yellow bar, directly by the very clear line.


The second method entails utilizing the Guru Stick, that’s the ideal rod for both Xbox and PlayStation users. To be able to generate a free throw using all the Guru Stick, alter the ideal rod down, then release it whenever you’re ready to shoot. You will understand when to discharge when the bigger yellow line is at the center of the yellow bar, directly above that obvious line. This will change the yellow line towards this region of the pub.

Remember while trying free throws which features of a participant will influence the achievement of this free throw. To illustratea participant with a bad Free Throw feature will miss more shots in the line than the other player with a higher score in that respect.


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