How to pick the right perks in Rogue Company

How to pick the right perks in Rogue Company

How to pick the right perks in Rogue Company

Best perksIf your preferred Rogue can purchase these, buy them once you are able to afford it.

Sixth Sense is a dual responsibility perk, either assisting you to find goals, or prevent ambushes. It works even if opponents don’t have line of sight to you, therefore it’s basically a passive scan.

Bounce Back is a powerful perk, but ought to be obtained following other survival perks are bought. Contrary to Evade or even Headstrong, which makes it possible to survive, you have to live in the very first place to make the most of Bounce Back.

Replenish is excellent to have, particularly against groups with Saint or Chaac, because completing off downed competitions is much more important.

Cloaked is useful in an Assortment of match-ups along with a must-buy from Dallas, Talon, and Phantom.

Shredder Rounds is actually helpful against Anvil, and fairly useful against items such as Saint’s drone and lots of deployable gadgets, but all these are very simple to ruin anyway. The secondary advantage of this perk — that the excess ammo — is nice but seldom comes in to play.


Helping Hand is useful if your group does not have Saint, or if you have been Saint because it synergizes with your own passive.

In case you’ve got a fantastic goal, you can find some use from it. In addition, it is great for keeping you in ADS as you clean corners, but surely not a priority purchase on anybody.

Padded Measures is a little bit of additional assistance if you enjoy flanking because it permits you to sneak up on people more faithfully. Nevertheless, when guns and explosions are going off, other gamers can not hear you anyway, therefore Padded Measures will very seldom be helpful enough to warrant the price. Get it only if you are drowning in money.

It may technically be helpful, but a team doesn’t need it. Not just that, but for the 10,000 it costs, you are able to update your primary weapon or purchase another perk that will really help you kill enemies rather than tracking them.

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