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How to Unlock Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secret Mission

How to Unlock Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secret Mission

How to Unlock Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secret Mission

Reduced Temple is a Key Assignment in Minecraft Dungeons. It’s part of the Jungle Awakens complimentary DLC, but as it is a mystery, you’ll need to solve a mystery so as to unlock it. Even when you’re well versed in the sport, you may have trouble locating the entry and figuring out out the puzzle.

To start with, begin the Desert Temple assignment — the entry is concealed there. Following that, you may reach a crossroads. Go down the left path, and you’re going to wind up in a different section of the degree, by means of a portalsite. Should you start a map, you will notice that there are four corridors branching from the primary hall. Proceed them there will be pillars it is possible to socialize with in three of these. Activate all three columns, along with a draw bridge increases in the primary hallway, letting you cross the gap and get to the scroll which unlocks the Lower Temple key assignment.


When you’ve returned into the camp, you’ll have the ability to get into the Lower Temple degree from the map. It is pretty much exactly the exact same mystery as the one which permits you to unlock Panda Plateau from the Dingy Jungle. Locate sub-area, trigger three buttons, access this scroll.

If you’re having other problems with the Jungle Awakens DLC, then we’ve written guides about subjects too, such as the one on the place to obtain the Vine Whip, or even the one exlpaining the entire nasty bussiness surrounding Diamond Dust.


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