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How to unlock the Shadow Henchmen in Fortnite Season 4

How to unlock the Shadow Henchmen in Fortnite Season 4

How to unlock the Shadow Henchmen in Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite Season 4 watched a number of the fan-favorite personalities depart the Battle Royale island. We are speaking about the Henchmen that we have been impersonating for the greater portion of a year.

There is very little likelihood that these Henchmen are what we recall from the NPC times of Fortnite.

1 post of those r/FortniteBR subreddit demonstrated that Shadow Henchmen are not completely gone, nevertheless. U/TheDarkFabledSaber submitted a chunk of Doom emoting for his followers. The odd part was that the consumer was sporting a Shadow disguise.

Should you really get to know Dr. Doom, he isn’t such a bad man!Apparently, particular skins differ with Doom’s instructions and choose to become Shadow skins, rather. This is most likely a bug that is triggered by a small number of skins, but we want to believe it’s something to do with all the Fortnite plot.


The identical user posted a tutorial about the best way best to turn yourself into a Shadow Henchmen. All you have to do is see the telephone booth at Doom’s Domain when sporting a particular skin. The user picked Peely and Agent Peely, but those are not the only skins that allow for your own exceptional transition.

According to the remarks, the next skins also cause you to change into a Shadow Henchmen instead of the usual Doom Henchmen:

There are likely more skins which cause this response, but these are the only ones which we all know about. We have also seen players assert that this occurs with almost any skin, randomly, however we moved in using a Thor epidermis and did not get this response. In any event, here is a wonderful little bit of nostalgia that will impress your pals. Enjoy!

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