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Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.08 Update 1.4

Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.08 Update 1.4

Hunt Showdown Patch Notes 1.08 Update 1.4

A brand new upgrade for Hunt Showdown premiered now. We’ve got all of the information about this upgrade 1.4 on June 23.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.08 is currently available for downloading PS4, Xbox One and PC. Ith this upgrade, there’s more than just bug fixes. Among other items, new gear and new legendaries are additional.

Different Intensities for Damage Effects — Update 1.4 rewrites whatever you know about trimming, bleeding or toxin, together with new rules and intensities for each damage type.

Today you can poison your careless foes with the brand-new Poison Trip Mine instrument and as for your cautious Hunters, the Serpent attribute was inserted, allowing the interaction with hints, rifts, and left handed bounties from afar when utilizing dark sight.

New Legendaries — We’ve introduced several new Legendary weapons like the runners up in our 2nd-anniversary weapon skin competition in addition to a Hunter! Be certain that you test them out.

Various Intensities for Fixing Effects

Fire Damage

  • Fire harm is now able to cause unique effects associated with burning.
  • Doesn’t cause burning predators automatically.
  • Can trigger or raise burning predators when dealt repeatedly within a brief quantity of time.
  • Moderate Fire Damage
    • Moderate Movements is equal to that which gamers are Utilized to from earlier this upgrade.
    • Scorches wellness balls.
    • Causes Moderate Movements on Hunters.
      • Deals fire damage with time.
      • Takes 4 minutes to stop.
      • Indicated with a little flame on the gym.
      • Scorches health balls severely.
      • Can ruin a little wellness chunk immediately.
      • Deals severe fire damage with time.
      • Takes 6 minutes to stop.
      • Indicated with a huge flame on the gym.
  • Scorched health balls currently regenerate twice as fast than previously.
  • Scorching over time from burning piles with scorching from obtained fire damage strikes.
  • AI doesn’t contain unique intensities when trimming.
  • Dead seekers are in the Moderate Burning condition which burns as quickly as before this upgrade.

Hunt Showdown Gameplay

Developer Notice:
By introducing different intensities of fire harm we finally have new possibilities for balancing game mechanisms and gear. The most noticeable equilibrium change is that seekers do not automatically begin burning when they are in contact with flame but on the reverse side may also burn quicker than previously. On one hand, that will decrease frustration of new players which are learning the mechanisms and give attentive players the chance to solve certain situations more efficiently. On the other hand fire also has the capability to hurt players much more seriously if not taken seriously. The Hellfire Bomb burst such as does no more cope physical harm but may scorch a little chunk value of health immediately and at precisely the exact same time induce hunters to burn off.

This brand new mechanic may even help us to present and equilibrium custom pollutants such as incendiary bullets later on.

Rending Damage

  • Rending harm is now able to cause three distinct intensities of bleeding on predators
  • Light Bleeding
    • Light Bleeding is 50% poorer than Moderate Bleeding.
    • Brought on by mild rending harm directly.
    • Deals minor damage with time.
    • Takes two minutes to stop.
    • Indicated by one blood fall on the gym.
    • Brought on by moderate rending harm directly.
    • May escalate from mild bleeding by successive rending strikes.
    • Deals moderate harm with time.
    • Takes 4 minutes to stop.
    • Indicated by 2 blood drops on the gym.
  • Intense hepatitis
    • Intense hepatitis is 50% more powerful than Moderate Bleeding.
    • Brought on by extreme rending harm directly.
    • May escalate from moderate bleeding by successive rending strikes.
    • Deals serious damage with time.
    • Takes 6 minutes to stop.
  • Bleeding intensity won’t increase by itself.
  • Bleeding will continue till stopped by the participant.

Developer Notice:
Since quite some of those AI enemies and gear in Hunt can give rise to a hunter to emphasise it is sensible to present intensities and with this a specific scalability into the result. This will enable gamers to slip once in a while but punish them more than previously when they allow a situation escape control.

This brand new mechanic may even help us to present and equilibrium custom ammunition later on.

Poison Damage

  • The toxin effect no more has a predetermined length.
  • Rather it could vary from 0 to 20 seconds, based upon…
    • . . .how long the hunter was subjected to a poison cloud.
    • . . .the toxin intensity of the damage obtained.
  • Poison intensity will reduce over time if no toxin damage is obtained.
  • The display and sound effects which block the participant’s eyesight and hearing today have three intensities, which signify the length of the rest of the effect.
    • Moderate – when staying effect length is between 0 and 5 minutes.
    • Moderate – when staying effect length is between 5 and 15 minutes.
    • Intense – if staying effect length is between 15 and 20 minutes.Developer Notice:
      The length of the toxin effect on predators was fixed before and therefore didn’t necessarily match the origin of the poisoning. With presenting an intensity that could scale up and down it is now a legitimate alternative for careful gamers to sit out brief exposures rather than needing to rely on characteristics or gear such as the antidote shot. This mechanic will also enable us to present and equilibrium custom pollutants like toxin bullets later on. New Equipment
    • The Poison Trip Mine is a part of the”Poison” unlock shrub and was inserted as the last item in this class.

    New Trait Additional: Serpent

    • Accessible for 4 Update points.
    • Accessible at Bloodline Rank 28.
    • “Using Dark Sight, socialize with neighboring Clues, Rifts, and left Bounty by a safe distance”
    • Enables players to watch Clues, Rifts and Bounty in Black Sight to Begin an interaction over space.
    • The length is 10 minutes.

    New Legendary Content

    • Nitro Express Rifle
    • Explanation:”The most bizarre rifle, known for its deadliest snake. This Nitro Express includes a vicious bite and will take down the biggest foes easily.”
    • Caldwell Uppercut
    • Description:”Forged with a scrappy fighter with what he needed to hand, this Caldwell Conversion Uppercut is forged out of Kamacite, an alloy of nickel and iron, found at a meteor that resulted in an early and unspeakable calamity.”

    This Martini Henry ICI Riposte provides its owner an advantage. Beloved with a hunter that loves to have a threat — and come out on top.”

  • Caldwell Rival 78 Handcannon
  • trick:”With conceal tough as gruesome and armor, rusty teeth, this Caldwell Rival 78 Handcannon’s sting is as grotesque as that of its namesake.
  • Legendary Hunter
  • trick:”Accomplices into the devil, stealers of spirits, along with also an ill omen — cats have been associated with dark magic, and Nika Felis conveys the skull of one feline adversary on her mind as a warning to other people that she’s abilities as strong — and as reckless.Audio
    • Time daily”Sunset” currently uses daylight ambience rather than night.
    • AI footstep strength is currently driven by aggro degree rather than motion rate.

    Developer Notice: This shift will create AI footsteps more faithfully innovate and so easier to read.

    • Additional fly swarm sound to poison barrels along with the Doctor Grunt.
    • Audio Mix Improvements for altitude and azimuth, making noises under, over and around the listener much easier to pinpoint.


    • Upgraded mild attacks around the Martini Henry Riposte as well as the Springfield Compact Striker versions to get their hit-boxes better match their cartoons.
    • Improved Melee harm for all heavy Strike with”Talon” versions from 135 to 150
    • Increased Melee harm for the heavy Strike together with all the Romero Hatchet out of 135 to 150
    • Improved Melee harm for your Light Attack together with all the Obrez Mace from 32 to 54
    • Enriched Melee harm for your Heavy Attack together with all the Obrez Mace from 72 to 90


    • Removed rending harm and with this Bleeding from Shotguns.
    • Romero Handcannon’s precision was increased marginally (successful range stat climbed to 10m).
    • Romero Hatchet’s precision was increased marginally (successful range stat climbed to 10m).
    • Romero Hatchet’s recoil punch was raised erraticly after shooting (decreased managing stat into 80).


    • Fire Bomb
      • No more deals damage
      • Scorches health balls lightly and induces hunters to begin burning
    • Hellfire Bomb
      • no longer deals damage
      • Scorches health balls and induces hunters to begin burning deeply
      • Can ruin a little wellness chunk on effect
    • Frag Bomb
      • Decreased harm from 200 to 150.
      • Developer Notice:
        This shift will marginally increase the opportunity for gamers to endure severe accidents at the border of their frag bombs explosion radius.
    • Flare Pistol
      • No more deals damage
      • Scorches wellness balls and causes predators to Begin burning deeply
    • Enriched Weak Antidote Shot length from 360 to 1800 seconds (6 minutes to 30 minutes)
    • Enriched Choke Bomb length from 60 to 120 seconds
    • Choke Bombs can currently eliminate Poison oceans
      • Hunters can still receive first Poison Damage while at a Choke Bomb Cloud



  • Increased price from two to 5 Upgrade Points


  • Bleeding won’t escalate from mild to moderate or extreme bleeding.


  • Drastically reduces the time required to recuperate from poisoning.

Bounty Hunt

  • Looting a soldier that is dead Whilst taking any Bounty currently frees one minute of Dark Sight Boost
    • Will restore even though Dark Sight Boost was consumed
    • Dark Sight Boost Can’t exceed 5 minutes




  • Adjusted the Frog at the Shop for the Bornheim household to reflect the real Damage and Effective Selection.


  • Smaller tweaks and upgrades made to several elements of Stillwater Bayou and Lawson Delta maps to enhance navigation and mend clipping problems.
  • Closed plenty of little gaps in walls around Stillwater Bayou and Lawson Delta that were utilized to exploit individuals.
    • Additional for 60

    Terrible Antidote Shot


  • Opt from statistic sharing; additional players will not find the participant’s statistic anymore, and he won’t see them.


  • Leaving a random teammate will now activate a delay before trying to find a brand new one.
      • Precache skeletons for figures constructed with skin packs.Delay becomes longer from 15 minutes to 1 minute following a few leaves.PerformanceUI
      • More info is exhibited if picking up a weapon in a match (Amount and variety of ammo).


      • The KD Ratio currently comprises the aids in its own formulation.
      • Additional Loading Screen for your Dark sight replenishment.



  • Fixed a problem where the Crosshair size shifted on various resolutions for the exact same aspect ratio.
  • Fixed a bug in which Toggling crossplay alternative in a group does not work via button when the host has shifted.
  • Fixed a problem where the participant with XBOX Privacy placing crossplay on’blocked’ gets loaded to a crossplay match when the server has crossplay allowed.
  • Fixed a bug where empty hands would displayed after falling a world thing despite needing weapons.
  • Fixed some Discord wealthy presence problems and re-enabled that the Discord wealthy presence integration.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, players can loot the invisible corpse of pulled players.
  • Fixed a bug in which the participant could not socialize with a hint for the first couple of seconds if a deceased armored would have dropped straight on it.
  • Fixed some customer crashes.
  • Fixed some small localization problems.
  • Fixed a problem where looting a hunter using an Vulture attribute didn’t return any loot.


  • Fixed a bug in which the Butcher could teleport into the reduced ground in Davant Ranch under certain conditions.


  • Fixed a problem where the noise of some critters might stop too early.
  • Fixed a problem that could result in world creatures not devoting noises (horses, crows,…).
  • Fixed a problem where a hunters”out of breath” audio continued to perform for a long time after sprinting.


  • Fixed a bug in which down the target sights toggle didn’t get the job done properly
  • Fixed issues with the spread of this Romero Handcannon along with the Romero Hatchet while trickling : Spread was overly tight.
  • Fixed a problem where players can endure their particular frag bomb explosions.


  • Fixed a bug where fresh Soul Survivor would look only after hitting’Free Reshuffle’ as it might have been won with no recruits or Soul Survivors left.
  • Fixed a bug in which the prior death harm got displayed in harm history.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions that the weapon was homeless and would not rotate based.
  • Fixed a bug in which the crosshair would change size according to resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage history frequently accumulated harm as soon as ping / packet loss is large.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Hunter and their advice disappeared from the passing display when player that murdered the individual abandoned the assignment.
  • Fixed a problem where player could obtain a not fitting’Kill perspective’ in rare events where the killer shot him from behind a wall.
  • Fixed a bug where Player could not open weapon wheel whilst waiting for additional players.
  • Fixed a bug with the Legendary Bomb lance epidermis’Shellback’ in which it was no’shoot weapon’ button at 3d viewer.
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