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Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.09 Update 1.4.1

Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.09 Update 1.4.1

Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.09 Update 1.4.1

We’ve got all of the information regarding this large update 1.4.1 on July 16.

The upgrade is rather large and contains numerous improvements and bug fixes along with the content that is new.

These are the previous patch notes in the test server! When Crytek releases the Live Patch Notes, then we’ll update this report!

Double Wielding — Dual the rifle, double the pleasure. This Update brings the Double Double Wielding attribute, available when utilizing two indistinguishable handguns.

We’re delighted to present the first iteration of the PVE style — Trials! Investigate the maps, finish hard challenges, and gather Trial Stars for exclusive rewards.

New Legendaries — The upgrade brings three glistening new Legendaries in addition to two other completely unlockable using all the Trials Mode!

Dual Wielding

Double Wielding Handguns is a brand new and fascinating feature in Hunt:Showdown, enabling players to equip and utilize two handguns at precisely the identical moment.

All accessible handguns That May Be used to get dual-wielding:


  • Another handgun of the identical kind can now be inserted to the exact same weapon slot.
  • The slot will convert into moderate size once the next pistol is outfitted.
  • It’s possible to combine normal and recognized versions of the identical form as matched pairs.


  • Double Wielding can be found in Rank 1 and doesn’t need any unlocks through Traits.
  • Equipped weapon pairs can’t be divided while enjoying; you are devoted to utilize them as pairs before extraction.
  • When looting a deceased Hunter, you can grab their dual-wield sets exactly as you would any other medium-sized firearms.



  • Weapons need to be fired in order one after another.
  • Hunters can go to get a steady, continuous fire-rate or attempt quicker two-taps with longer fractures in-between shots.


  • Recoil is raised over single-handed handguns, which makes it more challenging to keep on goal (esp. With stronger handguns).
  • Successful rate of fire has been increased, but still lower compared to the rapid burst out of a single-action revolver utilizing fanning.



  • Strikes Down Sights (ADS) will just apply a small zoom, together with the firearms moving somewhat closer to the middle of the display.
    • Weapon Sights aren’t used in any way, reducing range radically along with other weapons.


Developer Notice:
With this upgrade, we’re finally releasing a characteristic we needed on our roadmap for quite a while! It is a significant update for many handguns, letting them be utilised in an entirely new way. Thus far, players may decide to shoot them — or by replicating the Fanning attribute — as quick firing single-action revolvers in the hip. A third choice today becomes accessible by opting to equip not one but 2 to a single slot. Where shooting a handgun generally is most effective for precision, and having fanning or rapid-firing a semi permeable pistol provides a brief burst of striking firepower up-close, dual-wielding sits somewhere in the center between them: less exact and less quickly, but with double the ammo capacity, ideal for controlling flame or shooting on hordes.

Now, why do players wish to equip a paired double pair of handguns? We believe there are a range of different, attractive scenarios here. First, the alternative is available from Rank 1 on and does not require any attributes. You merely need to mix it with a different moderate slot weapon, such as a sawn-off shotgun or rifle. This creates a set of dual-wield Nagant M1895 the most powerful rapid fire choice for new players directly from the box. Second, it provides players remarkable firepower to manage mobs and also to get involved in prolonged fire-fights. Having double the additional ammo capacity means that you can keep on shooting for a longer period when keeping the enemy off from this window that corner, enabling your staff to take the initiative and move more freely. While precision is significantly reduced, even just hitting the 3rd or even 4th shot nevertheless hurt, and these blessed headshots continue to be a very real chance. Finally, when attacking a strongpoint, including a boss picture, dual-wielded handguns are more flexible in contrast to Fanning because they reach out to over twice the typical effective combat range, permitting you struggle along corridors or within bigger rooms where Fanning shots could prove effective.

We expect there is something in it for everyone, and that it opens up space for new battle approaches, simpler battle against creatures as a backup (these Hellhound’s will not be laughing when you attract 12 rather than 6 shots from your favourite revolver), in addition to more intense shootouts with medium-sized inventory fittings. There are a great deal of choices to research and we are willing to hear your comments on it!

Trials is a brand new singleplayer game style aimed toward new Hunters and pros alike, enabling to explore the entire world of Hunt:Showdown and finish distinct kinds of unique assignments.

  • Investigate the planet openly with No enemies and get a sense for Lawson Delta and Stillwater Bayou.
    • Proceed at will or teleport straight to any chemical.
    • Ever wanted to test out that insecure hop? Today you can without the anxiety of losing Hunter!
    • Wave Trials ask that you take care of groups of enemies with many different gear.
    • All Trials may also be teleported to right without the necessity of walking round the entire world.
    • Reaching a specific number of stars unlock intriguing rewards like Hunt Dollars, Blood Bonds and innovative equipment.
    • Dedicated Hunters may also attempt to unlock two Exclusive Legendary firearms.Parkour Trials

      Do not get poisoned!

    • “A Cursory Investigation” — Pitching Crematorium — Browse the underground maze and then beat the clockavoiding bear lands and Immolators in your way!

    Sniper Trials

  • “To Whoom that the Bell Tolls” — Healing-Waters Church — Chalk up sufficient headshots along with your nimble Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper until the time runs out!

Wave Trials


  • “Can Not Rob Empty Graves” — Blanchett Graves — Remove Concertina Armoreds together with your own rifle and bayonet. Do not get bitten!


Exclusive Rewards:

Developer Notice:
It can be difficult for new players to understand the lay of this land and most of the little secrets of the Bayou using all the continuous pressure of encountering different players. Trials aim to provide them an opportunity to practice before moving into the Bayou and competing with other people. With this pressure, gamers are now able to spend more time preparing for actual experiences, which makes it simpler to proceed to Bounty Hunt whenever they feel prepared, outfitted with map comprehension, basic combat skills and a fantastic comprehension of the horrors that await them.

Additionally, veterans may hone their abilities and reveal that they mastered the match with a perfect rating of got Stars and accessibility to the exclusive mythical weapons to match with.
With Trials, we’re finally including a PvE element to the game that’s been missing for quite a very long moment. It is a brand new pillar of Hunt:Showdown that may entice new players, that are far less focused on battling others, but instead like the sport and its placing in various manners offline. We plan on enlarging the Trials encounter with future upgrades, including more challenges and extra exclusive rewards for players to unlock. The next batch is going to be centered on the second map,” Lawson Delta.

Please inform us what you enjoy, what you’re overlooking, and in what way you’d love to find the brand new game-mode Trials grow!


Extra Ammo Capacity


  • Added more tips to the Training manner to be able to provide new players a much better idea how to live their initial games

Added a fresh pop-up following the participant finishes the Coaching to highlight the available choices.


New Legendary Weapons


  • Along with our preceding matchmaking principles, the machine today will try to match you with a participant fitting your Prestige position while browsing for a Random Partner.


  • Composing in Chat today gives sound feedback.
  • Weapons currently exhibit the quantity of ammo they grip before picking them up from the floor.


  • Fixed a problem which resulted in the spread of this Romero 77 Handcannon to be overly tight.
  • Fixed a problem where Hellfire Bombs or alternative fire explosives would not reveal hit comments.
  • Fixed missing blur round the scope of this Martini-Henry Marksman.
  • Fixed a number of smaller cartoon glitches associated with weapon handling.
  • Fixed a problem that led to the Crossbow to cope with less damage than it ought to have.


  • Fixed a problem where gramophones & pianos can stop the currently playing tune before it was completed.
  • Fixed a rare problem in which trimming caused a high pitched sound impact for some other players.


  • Fixed a problem that caused Doctor Grunts not to spawn during any given contracts.
  • Fixed a problem where Grunts wouldn’t perish by tripping Poison Trip Mines.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Sticky Bombs to immediately burst when isolated from the assassin while he alters strains.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Sticky Bombs to have stuck in the atmosphere when isolated from the assassin while he alters strains.


  • Fixed a problem that caused burrowing weapons to be pronounced as non-contraband.
  • Fixed a problem which caused the’Hide Numbers’ checkbox not to revert to the prior status if a participant cancels and supports to reduce unsaved changes.


  • Fixed a problem where ammo box spawns were lost in certain scenarios.


  • After completing a battle (Trial Mode) it could happen that you have -1/-1 exhibited from the weapon .
  • Trials: Wave battles may not grant you the appropriate number of celebrities.
  • Trials: The battle triumph state texts are cut in many languages.
  • Trials: Components of challenge texts are not translated in most languages.
  • Trials: Failed demo text from Russian is too long for your display.
  • Double Wield icon may appear in different areas on the equipment display by injury.
  • Trials: The map desktop doesn’t update correctly in the event that you’ve loaded into a different map before.
  • Double Wield: Secondly equipped double wield weapon can’t be cleaned while a part of a coordinated pair.
  • Double Wield: Tooltip for your double wield icon may be incorrect when a Legendary is outfitted.
  • Missing String: @ui series when buying Caldwell Pax pair together with different weapons.
  • Some customers may get high bundle reduction message (You are having high package reduction problems ).
  • No appropriate error/message in the event the participant does not get a backend relationship because of Steam authentication issue.
  • Minimal orange emphasizing on the gym in certain situations.
  • Interact and Dark Sight could be delegated to the identical button.
  • ‘Back’ button at Trials display is overlapping with a few products.
  • Double Wield: If one thing is missing in 1 weapon of a set, not the two ammo counters are displayed.
  • Occasionally not all UI components can flow in if loading into a game.
  • Leaderboard pillar for kills and help shows just kills.
  • After assigning the”F” key to some other purpose, it can not be reassigned to both initial purposes.
  • Purchase button activates buy+bolt later equipping a product with double click.
  • Fire command in 3D viewer is not working anymore when quickly entering, entering and leaving .
  • Daily Challenge may demonstrate the incorrect reward.
  • A great deal of weapons from the passing display aren’t based (set ).
  • Unequip button does not unequip dual wield weapons at the same time.
  • Double Fold equipped weapons are receiving unequipped when purchasing the 3rd of the exact same weapon.
  • The blank button remains visible when filters are not fitting an item.
  • An equipped weapon is not always displayed in addition to the listing from the equipment display.
  • Shadow for hunter and weapons overlooking on the passing display.
  • Death display shows different ELO in PvP evaluation and Summary Screen.
  • The”recruit hunter” button at mythical hunters news display does not direct the participant to legendary hunter crawl display.
  • No drop instant when unequipping a contraband legendary while having one of this type.
  • No shortcuts for Back and Display assignment details from Mission Summary display.
  • Not unlocked thing does not get outfitted while the participant must discount the currently equipped thing.
  • Statistic for’Wellspring bounty’ does not display the right amount (comprises Rifts).
  • Fixing a consumable with the other one will not leap into next free slot.
  • ‘Report Player’ button will not get eliminated after a report was filed (profile window has to be shut for it eliminated ).
  • Report and profile are overlapping in participant profile display in Russian.
  • Text is overlapping delegated area in report participant display in Russian.
  • Slot choice does not leap into next slot when substituting a contraband using a new thing when the discount pop-up looks.
  • Dying into the toxin cloud of a toxin trip mine shows an empty departure display.
  • Unloading from coaching contributes to continuously exhibited training lobby behind additional tabs.
  • When searching for QP, the other tabs may nevertheless be chosen.
  • When queuing at a group the Control and Training tab may nevertheless be chosen.
  • Incorrect calculation of firearms at the roster when using double wield equipped.
  • When prestiging for your very first time using a brand new user folder that the game asks for the control strategy.
  • Occasionally weapon can fall on top of one another and it’s tough to loot the right one.
  • News: Pictures are shown darker than the first.
  • Sorting from the leaderboard with another rating does not get the job done.
  • Bloodline message screen on fresh bloodline when moving from Trials to trial benefits.
  • Russian: Large dynamite package text is cut in reward webpage.
  • Trials: Just the initial payoff becomes exhibited in a pop-up when asserting over one.
  • Replay coaching button begins a harder mission.
  • HUD — Always observable equipment bar does not update after identification start/end/restart.
  • Ammo counter to the LeMat does not update properly after specific measures.
  • Picking a little weapon in a weapon switch cartoon (from big to small) ends in swapping the incorrect weapon.
  • Ammo index on looting a hand crossbow toxin has two counters.
  • Ammo index for looting does not upgrade when the ammo pool becomes upgraded.


  • In some instances, that the Butcher can find no harm from a bomb that is tacky.
  • Trials: AI can spawn numerous times in precisely the exact same place in trials manner.
  • Trials:”No enemy expires through flame” condition occasionally fails to activate.
  • Trials: Blue warmth from AI in shadowy sight may at times be broken.
  • Some AI spawns very near a participant spawn and may assault them through’Waiting for gamers’.
  • Hellhounds may glitch over barriers on the floor.
  • AI can strike a nearer hiding participant rather than the audio source that activates the AI.
  • AI may have the ability to block headshots together with his or her physique.
  • Butcher can at times be observed walking backwards.
  • Hive swarm can vanish when their goal is dead.
  • Grunt AI may get stuck in cartoon loop onto a slope.
  • Grunts with two torches may spark a participant on the next swing when they have dismissed with a choke bomb.
  • Hive may have the ability to spawn two swarms.
  • Immolator interacts with dead AI.
  • Meathead can occasionally get stuck .
  • Meathead passing cartoon is inconsistent across customers.
  • Meathead is occasionally missing leeches and might not respond to the participant.
  • Concertina armored can hurt and kill a participant from a space sometimes.
  • Meathead attack may deal a lot of harm in certain situations.
  • The spider could get stuck in passing cartoon in boss lair in Port Reeker.
  • A single grunt may become completely distracted by something and does not respond to the participant in any way.
  • The Spider may attack a participant over three occasions in frenzy when no other player is at the stadium.
  • Hellhounds sparked using a fusee in warm water visually burn indefinitely.
  • Any assault of AI which immediately explodes a barrel that’s put on fire, does not harm the AI.
  • Concertina armored can harm player through partitions.
  • It may occur that some AI do not spawn in Trials.
  • Meatheads behavior could break in tide challenge.
  • The Assassin occasionally has problems to distinguish between players over or under him.


  • Dual-Wield: Incorrect logic used when the Bornheim gets reloaded with a single bullet in the room.
  • Dual-Wield: Cylinder for your own Lemat does not have any turning animation in a double wield setup.
  • Dual-Wield: Last held Double Wield weapons do not get eliminated on extraction and may be looted.
  • It may occur that the player version is stuck on spawn however, the player can move around (with a ladder fixes this).
  • The camera may get stuck in certain instances linked to this Flare Pistol/reloading firearms above a place with underground.
  • In rare situations, the participant is not able to loot weapons,’Ammo Total’ exhibited on pressing F.
  • on occasion the crosshair for your throwing knife can evaporate through a mission.
  • Shifting to spectate while the burning sound is on the corpse gets the burning sound get trapped.
  • Trials: The participant keeps shooting a challenge fails throughout the shooter.
  • Trials: It may happen that participant will not begin with full HP to a replayed trial.
  • Poison result in the hive or spider could be stuck on participant.
  • Occasionally a hand (or both) can’t flow in and be imperceptible.
  • The camera has been trapped while planning with a gun following specific measures in subterranean places.
  • Vetterli (Deadeye) may get jammed (if there is no bullet in the room ).
  • Having toggle for goal and creep in gunslinger scheme guarantees the beginning of sprinting.
  • No turbo for the participant that triggers the wellspring in Quickplay.
  • Crosshair size does not correct when altering the flame style on the LeMat mark II.
  • Quickplay: It may occur that weapons do not get connected correctly to the participant.
  • Bornheim extended occasionally does not reload fully (one bullet does not get reloaded).
  • Double Wield: Incorrect logic used when the Bornheim gets reloaded with a single bullet in the room.
  • It may occur that participant version is stuck on spawn however, the player can still proceed.
  • Hive Bomb throw can’t be hammered anymore by holding the thing from the palms.
  • Downed enemy provides hitmarkers for bomb lance bolt strikes.
  • Pressing’x’ while planning down sight adjustments into stylish fire.
  • Player will burn to death while being from the salvation cartoon in Quickplay.
  • Occasionally a downed hunter does not get put on fire even tho it seems like he’s full from the flames.
  • Electric lamp includes a light source shining into the best.
  • Player can eliminate control over personality tabbing out and in again sometimes.
  • Occasionally people randomly un-ADS out of their own weapons.
  • Kills created by a completely dead hunter (but still in-game) may not be given to the participant.
  • Bornheim may have the wrong ammo level from the weapon when reloading an irregular quantity of ammo while 1/2 are from the weapon.
  • Player can cause reload issues in certain scenarios when picking up ammo within a vacant additional pool in a reload.
  • Fire retains burning chunks when shifting from recovery with a first aid kit to quitting fire ‘F’.
  • Gunslinger has distinct sensitivities for melee weapons and ordinary firearms.
  • Looting a Hunter at QP can occasionally offer no loot whatsoever.
  • Occasionally when vaulting the participant can acquire synced within the items and be stuck.
  • Sometimes not all an extracted participant becomes eliminated on the infusion.
  • Incorrect sensitivity becomes used when a participant is on a ladder.
  • Player retains shooting in case a challenge neglects mid-shot.
  • Player renders crouch unintentionally on specific important combinations.
  • Occasionally a participant is not able to loot weapons,’Ammo Total’ exhibited on pressing F.
  • Employed tools up become substituted when the player picks up a brand new instrument in Quickplay.
  • Position near facing a window and mild meleeing does not violate the window.
  • The final chosen Tool or Consumable shadow is adhered into the participant’s hands in 1p.
  • When just 1 bullet becomes reloaded from the Bornheim (extended) the weapon could dryfire.
  • Nagant officer brawler can’t chain melee attacks correctly.
  • Occasionally after picking up a rifle or altering fire style the player can not aim down sight.
  • Occasionally when shooting the participant begins meleeing instead.
  • It may occur when measuring dual-wielded weapons frequently on a loot make the interaction stage. Is within the proxy and the participant should take the weapon in order to loot it.



  • Hive Bomb thick and light melee possess a bizarre arm cartoon in first person.
  • Player can not shoot through an ADS transition.
  • Player may be not able to fire when quickly switching from a iron sight shot .
  • Player may chalk when attempting to take a vacant Quad Derringer.
  • Stopping sprint whilst implementing a melee attack does not transition into hip-hop aim.
  • The Nagant M1895 merely appears to fire 6 days once the rifle is fired quickly but all 7 shots count.
  • Winfield can empty itself after the participant becomes revived or adapting weapons.
  • In a particular ammo situation, the abandoned Bornheim plays a cartoon with no hand.
  • Bomblance switches and remains in ADS manner after reloading without participant input.
  • Arm briefly spins around when implementing a light melee using all the Romero Handcanon in next person.
  • Romero talon spins temporarily around when implementing a thick melee in third person.
  • Player animation is not reset correctly on replay whilst holding a world thing.



  • Among those 3 caged dogs may endure shot lantern for some time longer than others.
  • Things can be customers side on a loot box following somebody else picked it up earlier in Quickplay.
  • ‘No enemy expires through flame’ condition occasionally fails to activate in Trials manner.


  • Sometimes, customers might suspend during gameplay.
  • Kill watch for teamkills could be broken (if a kill-view can be obtained ).
  • Sometimes, weapons could be client-side on the incorrect place and consequently not be looted.
  • Frozen/crashed/disconnected players maintain walking in the last known input and never cease.
  • The players may experience desync between server and client (walking on edges/slopes).
  • It may occur that the game crashes when coming from Trials with celebrities earned during a few assignments.
  • In rare situations, Hunters may occasionally not flow in completely.
  • Sheriff Hardin epidermis doesn’t have any texture under his jacket.
  • Occasionally a hand (or both) can’t flow in and be imperceptible.
  • Players may sometimes experience desyncs/rubberbanding throughout gameplay.
  • Occasionally with a Taiwanese computer design, the input becomes blocked and the participant can not move or just execute some particular keys.
  • There may be situations without getting the beacon sound after enjoying a Trials mission.
  • Length of field can be empowered despite getting it disabled from the configurations.
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