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Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.4.2 Update 1.11

Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.4.2 Update 1.11

Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes 1.4.2 Update 1.11

Crytek and the programmers accountable released a new upgrade for Hunt Showdown today. We’ve got all information regarding this patch on August 6th.

The size of this download isn’t known to us in the present time. With the current patch there are new, mythical material, bug fixes and enhancements.


_Note: During this upgrade we’ve spread the guaranteed compensation to our Twitch Drops effort.

If you saw… You may get…

≥ 1 hour Legendary item or instrument
≥ 10 hours The above, and another Legendary item or instrument
≥ 20 hours The above, and 1 another Legendary item or instrument
≥ 30 hours The aforementioned, and Legendary Hunter Billy Story_

New Legendary Content

“LeMonnier’s Bundle”

  • First Aid Kit
  • Description:”Dr. LeMonnier has been fatefully leery of Huff’s activities from the asylum, although this First Aid Kit may stem deep bleeding, it couldn’t quit the pinprick shot that transformed him to another experiment”

People that have a headstrong mindset — stated to become steely-eyed — view their intentions with this glass” A little detail, valued by connoisseurs of this evening ”

  • Hand Crossbow
  • Description:”More than only a showpiece of its smith’s ability, this complicated Hand Crossbow is wrought by fine materials with specialist machining, demonstrating fatal and strong.”
    • Lebel 1886 Talon
    • Description:”Scrawled in bloodstream on this Lebel 1886 Talon would be the ritual mark which make it feasible to divine the future.
    • Reduced the amount of reverb and ambience played with inside of prison and underground locations.

Diminished effect of Lightfoot on water property sfx.


  • Upgraded the removal of Duster Heavy Attacks from 67 to 72, permitting it to kill Hellhounds with 1 strike to the mind, bringing its functionality quite near that of the Knife.
  • Upgraded the removal of Knuckle Knife Light Attacks from 45 to 58, currently killing Grunts, Hives and Hellhounds with two mild strikes.
  • Changed Damage immunity of Hellhound heads to let Machete and Heavy Knife Light Attacks to do 1 hit kills.
  • Reduced minimal damage in the border of the burst radius.
  • Reduced potency of this explosion reaching goals behind cover.Adrenaline
    • Currently unlocks at Rank 1.
    • Now activates when health is under (not equivalent ) 50 hp.

    “Walk and Walk faster in deep water. Make less sound while crouched in water”
    Decreases movement rate penalty in heavy water.
    Stamina intake remains lower as a consequence today.
    Water impact seems due to shifting while crouched have decreased volume today.Conduit
    “Get a wellness and endurance boost when picking a Clue, Rift, or Bounty token”
    Heals 50 hpexactly the same as previously.
    InstInstantly,ills melee and sprint endurance.
    Takes effect if any bounty token is moved to the participant (even through Serpent).


    • Reduced cost from 4 to 2 2 update points.


    • Reduced cost from 4 to 2 2 update points.


    • Increased interaction array by 50%.


    • Reduced price in 5 to 3 update factors.

    Decoy Provide

    • “Restock all sorts of Decoys out of ammo crates.”
    • Restocks just one Decoy Fuse per cage now.
    • Restocks much more Decoys and Blankfire Decoys now.
      • Hives currently spawn in a predefined Purchase.
      • Immolators now spawn in a predefined sequence
      • Flammable Barrels rather than Explosive Barrels
      • Moderate:
      • “Kill and Banish 11 Immolators” ->”Kill and Banish 10 Immolators”
      • “+ Prevent bleeding harm” ->”Kill 10 Hellhounds with flame”
      • Tough:”Prevent any harm” ->”Prevent Fire Damage”

      _Developer Notice:_ The erratic spawns of this Immolators and Hellhounds in conjunction with needing to prevent any type of harm was overly punishing, therefore we chose to correct the challenge-requirements for the problem to become in accordance with another wave challenges.

      • Hellhounds have been substituted with Grunts
      • Moderate:”Kill 10 Hellhounds with flame” ->”Kill 15 Grunts with flame”

      Oh, and the Hives, however, your double Bornheims ought to be plenty to look after those.

      • “Be Jubilant, My Feet” — Wolfshead Arsenal — A really explosive Hurry throughout the Arsenal which will ask that you make decent use of your resources along with the Mosin Obrez Mace.
      • “Resist Much, Obey Little” — Fort Carmick — Armoreds have invaded the Fort and you’ll need to get the ideal way to get them through with your nimble Caldwell Rival and a great deal of explosions.

      Utilize the Vetterli Deadeye to its full stretch to protect against the Immolators from burning anything besides themselves.

  • “The Mother Taking Odds” — Golden Acres — make certain to recover your bolts because you take out the Grunts, however do not allow the Hellhounds sting you!
  • “Virtue Meets Brute Force” — Maw Battery — be certain to use your four Dolches for their highest possible degree as ammunition is restricted and the goals are lots.
  • “Exult Over Downfall” — Iron Works — While hammering Armoreds along with your Explosive Crossbow is nice, make sure you use precision when shooting the grunts. But recall the Hives or items can get from hands very fast!
  • Unlock Legendary Lebel 1886 Talon”The Auger” when attaining 70 Trial Stars


  • Windows can be opened or shut (like doorways ) while cooking a throwable product.


  • Reduced the price of this Knuckle Knife into 15 Hunt Dollars.
  • Reduce the Price of the Heavy Knife into 25 Hunt Dollars.
  • Altered unlock Rank to Trait Adrenaline to Rank 1.
  • Changed Update point prices:
  • Reduce the Price of this Resilience from 4 to two
  • Reduce the Expense of this Ghoul attribute from 4 to 2 2 Upgrade Points.
  • Reduce the Price of this Beastface attribute from 5 Upgrade Points.
  • Reduce the Price of this Gator Leg attribute to two Upgrade Points.

Exclusive Legendary Benefits:

  • Additional Lebel 1886 Talon”The Auger” in 70 celebrities

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where Hunters armed with dual wield weapons had the incorrect pose in the weapons and menu weren’t connected to the model’s hands.
  • Fixed a problem where some Hunters weren’t able to be burned.
  • Fixed a problem where the Dauntless attribute would operates through walls.
  • Fixed a bug in which the data for’Wellspring bounty’ didn’t display the right amount (comprises Rifts).
  • Fixed a bug in which the user searched for a spouse and pinpointed it immediately result in an error message after a time.
  • Fixed a bug in which the”Permit groups of three” checkbox didn’t get automatically assessed when developing a steam invitation set of 3 players.
  • Fixed a problem where no lightning attack was triggered while the wellspring was triggered for the first time.
  • Fixed a problem where players can use the First Aid Kit while being poisoned and on firing.
  • Fixed a problem where the’being contested’ screen result would last after being revived in Bounty Hunt or respawning in trials and tutorials.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented dead gamers from being burnt again following burning was ceased after.
  • Fixed a few problems where dead players may not receive fire harm when they expired in irregular terrain.
  • Fixed multiple cartoon problems.
  • Fixed a problem where the Matchmaking System couldn’t find players for a group despite the fact that they were exactly the exact same prestige degree.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the Lebel Marksman and Springfield Marksman versions to have no motion lag when planning down sight.
  • Fixed a bug where players can shoot two bullets in precisely the exact same moment.
  • Fixed a bug where not all an extracted participant got eliminated after finishing the extraction.
  • Fixed some localisation problems.
  • Fixed numerous crashes.
  • Fixed a problem where the outside ambience was audible within a building in Lawson Delta, Lawson Station.
  • Fixed a problem where the beacon sound stops playing at the quest mode after coming from a trial.
  • Fixed a problem where trial sound stingers overlapped others.
  • Fixed a problem where trial sound stingers were triggered in the incorrect moment.
  • Dolch double handed reload audio is currently in sync with its own visuals.
  • Fixed a problem where player could begin empty handed when loading into a Trial challenge that doesn’t possess weapons.
  • Fixed most cases where concertina Armoureds can hurt players through partitions.
  • Fixed a problem where the Butcher could take no harm from Bombs.
  • Fixed a problem where the Assassin could take no harm from Sticky Bomb explosions.
  • Fixed a problem where a meatheads assault may cope irresponsibly large damage.
  • Fixed a problem where AI strikes would immediately detonate sparked reddish barrels that caused difficulties in certain trials.
  • Fixed a problem where the participant who sparked an Immolator wasn’t given the kill following the Immolator burnt out and expired.
  • Fixed a problem where AI could spawn at precisely the exact same place multiple times throughout a semester.
  • Fixed a problem where AI would not spawn during Trials.
  • Fixed a problem where AI density can change during trials.


  • Fixed a problem where some traits wouldn’t be implemented when enjoying a Trial.
  • Fixed a problem where the generator sound would last on Trial restart.
  • Upgraded the Values for your Light Melee attack together with the Ammo box in 13 to 31. The harm has not changed, the amounts from the shop was incorrect.
  • Upgraded the Values for its Heavy Melee attack together with the Ammo box in 27 to 67. The harm has not altered, the numbers at the shop has been incorrect.
  • Fixed issues where the Leaderboards were missing entrances or demonstrating incorrect statistics.
  • Fixed a problem where sorting at the Leaderboard didn’t function as planned.
  • Fixed multiple problems with overlapping buttons and texts.
  • Fixed a problem in Trial Mode where just the very first reward obtained exhibited in pop up when asserting one.
  • Fixed a problem where gear bar didn’t necessarily update after identification start/end/restart.
  • Fixed a HUD problem where Crosshair size does not fix when altering the fire style on the Lemat mark II.
  • Fixed a problem where the Unequip button does not unequip dual wield firearms at the same time.
  • Fixed a problem in Wave Trials Mode in which the banner ads for banishing will not appear if goal AI does not expire through participant.
  • Fixed a problem in Quickplay Mode in which there wasn’t any lightning gift for the participant that triggers the wellspring.
  • Fixed a HUD dilemma in which the top field of ammo counter from dual-wield firearms was visible for unmarried firearms.
  • Fixed a problem where the double wield icon may be shown on big weapon slots.
  • Fixed an HUD problem where, when a bullet was lost in 1 weapon of a set, not the two ammo counters were exhibited.
  • Fixed a problem preventing the swap of particular weapons using a mythical or filthy versions of itself.
  • Fixed a problem where the control could freeze in some specific state.
  • Fixed a problem in which a wrong calculation of weapons from roster could occur when using dual-wield equipped.
  • Fixed a problem where the dual-wield icon could continue to be busy when user has just a”secured” weapon.
  • Left a missing shortcut to the Summary display when playing a control.
  • Fixed the Double Wield weapon icons from the weapon .
  • Fixed a problem where employed consumables are shown from the hunters stock following the assignment.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to swap a double wielded weapon for a huge weapon just exhibited a pickup message.
  • Fixed a problem where an erroneous picture was used when picking up ammo for its Crossbow Shotbolt and Explosive versions, in Addition to the Poison Hand Crossbow.
  • Fixed a problem where the new server in a group of three wouldn’t have an invitation button after particular measures.


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