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Hunt: Showdown Update 1.12 Patch Notes 1.4.3

Hunt Showdown Update 1.12 Patch Notes 1.4.3

Hunt Showdown Update 1.12 Patch Notes 1.4.3

Crytek and the programmers accountable released a new upgrade for Hunt Showdown today. We’ve got all information regarding this patch on September 2nd.

The size of this download isn’t known to us in the present time. With the current patch, brand new weapon variations and fresh mythical content will be included,.

The Vandals are shortened Winfield M1873 C variations with 1 bullet and just medium dimensions. They may nevertheless be used for levering.

Why Vandal rather than Mare’s Leg? Mare’s Leg is a anachronistic title for 1895, a title that came to be used in 1958. So while we took inspiration in the modern weaponwe made our world’s very own version — one which will be right at home in 1895. Wielding itfought his way south, enticed by more gold and glory.”

“Mosin Nagant Obrez Sinners Jezail”
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez
  • trick:”The Sinners’ brought back-to-back customs into the bayou, and also this Mosin-Nagant Obrez (maybe not a normal rifle of this Afghan foothills) conveys elegant witness to this marriage of martial cultures”
  • End the Farce — C&A Lumber — Try not to burn all C&A Lumber because you clean your route through the Armoreds from the clock. The farther away ones may take more than 1 chance to perish.
  • No Vice, No Virtue — Lawson Station — make certain to utilize your time-window to carry out goals as they transfer between barriers.
  • Truth Does Not Stick with Possibilities — Windy Run — make certain to use this Immolators for your benefit by igniting petroleum and Hellhounds to make your celebrities.

Never Walk — Hemlock and Hide — Do not allow the Armoreds overwhelm you while you push your way through and take them out one by one.

Among the principal attention of Update 1.4.3 was mending many of those larger reoccurring problems players happen to be confronting.

“Ghost insect”

Description of the insect symptoms: Occasionally players are linked to the game machine but in fact their personality would float over ground. Your spouse wouldn’t see you go and you’d be in some specific cases not able to open doors, vault fences, or even pickup things. Occasionally interacting using a ladder along with your spouse leaving/extracting will re-sync your character into a working state.

What we’ve done: we’ve reviewed logging advice you sent us compared it with what the condition of the game host. From this investigation we’ve concluded and implemented several catastrophic fixes which should prevent such scenario from occurring. But it’s a bug that people aren’t able to replicate in-house and therefore won’t be in a position to confirm working before the upgrade is Live.

Game customer might get stuck following vaulting.

Description of the insect symptoms: After vaulting you wouldn’t be permitted to move your personality .

What we’ve achieved: we’ve discovered two instances once the bug could attest.

  • In certain instances after vaulting, the match didn’t reunite the participant controls.
  • In other instances your personality would vault within a portion of the map (even marginally ) which could make you physically trapped.

We’ve looked into fixing both of these occurrences with the participant controls properly updated following the vaulting and — to correct the second instance — by exposing the participant to a legitimate place after vaulting.
The snap ought to be minimum and in most instances not noticeable.

Aim Down Sight weapon condition could be cancelled occasionally without consumer input

Description of the insect symptoms: When from the aim-down-sight say the weapon could randomly change back to cool aim mode requiring the consumer to re-trigger ADS activity.

What we’ve done: within this bug and a few other similar types (I.E. Weapon was wrongfully re-selected when with a consumable and shifting into some other consumable) the issue was the game client and the game host needed conflicting information regarding which item that the user selected, or at which condition this product was.
We used a tolerance for thing transition between the customer and the host that ought to solve this situation.

For the complete list of repairs please see our Bug Fixes section.

General Updates



  • Bleeding and Burning Cease interaction today plays the recuperate voice sfx.
  • Works identically to choosing up bounty.


Golden Cash Register
  • Players now have a little prospect of finding a Golden Cash Register instead of a normal Money Register, which will give you 50 Blood Bonds rather than providing you Hunt Dollars.
  • Smaller updates and tweaks made to several elements of Stillwater Bayou along with Lawson Delta maps to enhance navigation and mend clipping problems.

Spectator Mode

  • Enabled the choice to spectate different groups in Bounty Hunt assignments, following Player’s team was completely eradicated.
  • Additional Nagant M1895″Mosquito” to 400 Blood Bonds.


  • Re-ordered the trials from the trial selection display to better match their relative positions on the map and at the selector.
  • Slightly reordered the unlock arrangement of this Springfield 1866 Family.
  • Reduced the charge to unlock some very low position weapons.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a problem where the game customer got stuck following vaulting.
  • Fixed a problem where after the beginning of a mission participant got stuck on host side, but was able to move and interact with things on customer side. (Aka”Ghost Bug”)
  • Fixed a problem where murdering a burning participant made him not lootable.
  • Fixed a bug where player completely desynced in the match until his spouse (s) left.
  • Fixed a problem that led to the Aim Down Sight weapon condition to be cancelled occasionally without consumer input.
  • Fixed a problem where decoys wouldn’t result in bells to ring.
  • Fixed more problems where dead hunters wouldn’t begin burning uneven terrain or staircase.
  • Fixed a problem where the Hornskin attribute wouldn’t offer a constant 25% damage reduction from different players’ melee strikes.
  • Fixed a problem where the bullets in the room of a Winfield C was misaligned and clipped via the weapon.
  • Fixed a problem where hunters can endure with health balls scorched.
  • Fixed a problem where hunters captured on fire too easily after they’d recovered from flame damage .
  • Fixed a problem where third person animations to the Bornheim Match were erroneous.
  • Fixed a problem where reloading occasionally result in an infinite reload cycle.


  • Tweaked the levering audio of these Winfield animations to be better in sync with its own visuals.
  • Fixed a problem where participant’s could hear group pings when on Death Screen.
  • Fixed a problem where wrong audio played while curing using a med-kit and bleeding.


  • Fixed a problem where some enemies can cause barrels to explode.
  • Fixed a problem where expiring Horses took no harm from sticky bombs.


  • Fixed a problem where insufficient Hellhounds were accessible at any stage to complete challenges in challenging trouble.
  • Fixed a problem where insufficient Armoreds were accessible at any stage to complete challenges in challenging trouble.


  • Fixed a problem where player’s weapon has been wrongfully re-selected when using a consumable and shifting to some other consumable.
  • Fixed a problem where the selection of this Quad Derringer has been revealed as 68 meters at which it always should have been 60 meters.
  • Fixed a problem where the Item wheel displays wrong info on obstacle depart.
  • Fixed a problem where the sledgehammer was erroneously displayed at the shop.
  • Fixed a problem where resources or consumables choice jumps in arsenal listing when purchasing and equipping a product.
  • Added a missing shortcut at the shop to contact the very first sub tab and back to reception.
  • Fixed a problem where the Heavy Attacks for firearms using a Bayonet exhibited an obsolete (and also low) amount for the harm.


  • Fixed a problem where Concertina Trip Mines wouldn’t violate Hive barrels.
  • Fixed a problem where Concertina wires wouldn’t block many bullets, and rather would permit all bullets to penetrate.
  • Fixed a problem in which shooting on the bell at Lawson Delta wouldn’t make a noise.
  • Fixed a problem where ruined lanterns above pliers could respawn if you re-enter the region.
  • Fixed a problem where creatures (including the dying horse and ravens) wouldn’t be damaged by explosions.
  • Fixed a problem in which shooting the lantern over the caged dogs Won’t kill All them instantly



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