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Hyper Scape New Faction War Mode Available

Hyper Scape New Faction War Mode Available

Hyper Scape New Faction War Mode Available

The newest Faction War style is available to perform and it’s made for 100 participants.

Only a couple of days after the official release of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft brings the newest style for Season 1: The Supreme Principle. The greatest match of last faction standing!

Up to 100 gamers are all set to fight from the Faction War Mode, all players split into four factions compete against each other in average squads of three till just 1 faction remains. Each faction begins in a corner of this map. Along with also a parliamentary group is known as removed when all members are very echoes.


The brand new Faction War style a part of why Update 1.10 published now. Check out our Most Recent News and Patch Notes.

Hyper Scape: Faction War Trailer

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