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Hyper Scape Patch Notes Update 0.4

Hyper Scape Patch Notes Update 0.4

Hyper Scape Patch Notes Update 0.4

Hyper Scape has obtained a brand new beta upgrade. We’ve got the official patch notes from Ubisoft, which you may find below.

The Hyper Scape Update 0.4 is currently available, obviously just for many PC Beta gamers.

The download for this particular patch is rather modest at 182 MB and can be downloaded immediately.


We are making significant changes to the Salvo to tackle your comments. We understand the weapon can be frustrating if struck inside in carpet-bombing, or you believe it doesn’t need enough ability to succeed.

Salvo will be much slower, more exact grenade launcher, together with decreased pushback on burst to restrict motion handicap. Proximity detonation radius was reduced, in addition to the explosion AoE. Salvo will nonetheless be an efficient weapon however will need greater aiming skill and time.

We’ll keep on tracking it carefully during Open Beta.


We have readjusted the Komodo to grow the skill necessary to utilize it economically and made adjustments to stop point-blank use — we think with no friendly fire is still a significant anti-toxicity part of Hyper Scape but shooting in your feet shouldn’t be an efficient method of damaging additional players.

We’ll keep on tracking it carefully during Open Beta.


We discovered that a bug producing the Hexfire overly effective using a controller in some specific scenarios. It has been fixed. Hexfire now necessitates the exact same aiming skills as another automatic weapons, as planned. Watch the Key Known Problems section below for more detail about other aiming issues we are working on.


  • The Detection Range has been raised to 60 metersup from 50m
  • The Detection Angle has been improved to 50 levels up from 40 levels

The Reveal Hack was bolstered and should be useful today. It currently has a bigger detection frustum (yes, to my surprise it is a term ) in duration of angle and range.

REMINDER: Prove and Invisibility are various countermeasures. Reveal can cancel Invisibility, which in return could cancel any untoward impact (such as the one from the Reveal Game Event). The previous effect triggered is now the final word.


  • Projectile HP decreased to 75down from 90
  • Projectile Acceleration diminished to 6down from 8

The Mine has seen its popularity and efficacy increase considerably since the start of the Open Beta, and we are making some alterations to make certain it remains balanced with the remainder of the meta.

We have reduced Mine Projectile Strike Points so it’s going to be a lot easier to ruin and reduced its own stride to give players more time to respond.


  • Cooldown climbed to 12/11/10/9/7sup from 10/9/8/7/5s
  • Lifetime length decreased to 25 secondsdown from 120s

We have seen several ways the Wall could be exploited and we are making some modifications to keep it balanced, even while keeping its own creative and defensive price.

We have improved its Cooldown somewhat and reduced every single Wall’s life span to unclutter the gameplay distance a bit and stop gamers from remaining along with them for extended time with no attempt (hello, snipers).

We have made a couple of minor modifications to harmonize equilibrium between hacks.


  • Provide Crate Event: ” We currently display HUD icons to both closest crates with no range limitation
  • Health Kit Event: Picking a Health Kit today fixes 120 Health Pointsup from 40 HP

Supply Crate and Health Kit Game Occasions are corrected to make them valuable for both Contenders and Viewers. Supply Crates will be a lot easier to find, and also the Health Kits will provide you more health.

REMINDER: Supply Crates made from the Game Event fall 1 completely fused hack + 1 completely fused weapon, guaranteed!

  • Improved Sector Decay Fixing a little for the Entire game
  • Improved Sector Decay Damage Showdown Multiplier into x7up from x5
  • Fixed a bug preventing Showdown Decay Damage Multiplier from correctly applying in many instances
  • Crown Bearer’s international Hack Cooldown penalty climbed to +50%up from +33percent

We have tracked Showdown plans & certain pops carefully during the initial days of Open Beta and understood the changes we created for patch 0.3 we are less successful as we proposed, largely because of bug that’s now fixed but for balancing reasons. We are making more alterations to Showdown & Crown, and Sector Decay Damage generally. For patch 0.4 the damage multiplier of failed businesses during Showdown will be raised again. We also fixed a bug that has been cancelling that harm multiplier in some specific scenarios. The Cooldown penalty for Crown Bearer are also marginally increased.


We’re looking to changes & fixes for Showdown, however, these alterations should bring noticeable improvements into your adventure.

Ultimately, Sector Decay Damage is going to be raised somewhat complete, as we believed it was marginally too forgiving.


We have fixed a problem on the Threat Ping. Both Shared Threat Ping (on location) & Gamble Threat Ping (straight in an enemy) length had different timings and have been overly lengthy, so we’ve harmonized them. This ought to offer a less Ping-cluttered surroundings, and much more up-to-date risk info.


  • Fixed a bug where, while hammering a squad partner, the discussion could get disrupted
  • Fixed a bug in which the business hurt multiplier during Showdown was occasionally not applying properly
  • Fixed a bug in which a few suits would not wind
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally Echoes would not shed the Crown after getting removed


  • Fixed a problem where pressing and holding the ADS key in a weapon switch would not cause the weapon to maintain ADS following the change
  • Fixed a problem where switching from one shot weapon into an automatic weapon while still holding the’Shoot’ key would not create the automatic weapon restart shooting
  • Fixed a problem where automatic weapons would not restart shooting the ADS key was held down after shifting out of melee or some other semi automatic weapon
  • Fixed a problem where pressing ‘Prompt Melee’ key while in ADS or shooting would not restart ADS or shooting following the end of the cartoon
  • Fixed a problem where pressing ‘Prompt Melee’ secret while shooting at the atmosphere with a automatic weapon Wouldn’t restart shooting following the end of the cartoon
  • Fixed a problem where swapping a weapon while it had been car darkening and picking it up again could make the weapon to Be Unable to reload and taken it
  • Fixed a problem where if Contenders were in ADS while with a bumper and reloading while remaining on it, ADS would just activate after landing the bumper again
  • Fixed a problem in which the Protocol V couldn’t be automobile reloaded after pressing on the’Prompt Melee’ key while the weapon had been on its final clip
  • Fixed a problem where the Inventory Wheel could not be opened while the Mammoth Mark I or Protocol V firearms were reloading
  • Fixed a problem where the article bolt-action reloading cartoon of this Mammoth Mark I and Protocol V wouldn’t last after switching weapons or with a hack
  • Fixed a problem in which launching the World Map will disrupt the article bolt-action reloading animation and Just continue after shutting it to your Mammoth Mark I and Protocol V weapons


  • Fixed a problem where Contenders would be Not Able to sprint after slipping while utilizing the Armor or Invisibility hacks even when the sprint button has been held down


  • Fixed a bug in which Health Kit boxes didn’t cure at all throughout the Health Kit occasion


  • Fixed a bug in which the Daily Shop wouldn’t reveal any things after every day reset, necessitating a reboot of this match
  • Fixed a bug in which the Everyday deals from the Daily Shop wouldn’t refresh properly following daily reset, necessitating a reboot of this match


  • Fixed a bug in which Twitch Prime rewards were at a locked state after rebooting the match using an energetic Twitch Prime accounts


  • Fixed several server and client crashes


  • Adhesion: There is presently a gamepad controller insect being worked on where rapid moves, particularly Teleport, will”snap” the participant’s aim to the goal. This can be accidental and will be addressed shortly.
  • Audio: Weapon and footstep music cuts mid-match + music lost throughout fall. We’re exploring the root cause of the one.
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