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Hyper Scape Patch Notes Update 1.11

Hyper Scape Patch Notes Update 1.11

Hyper Scape Patch Notes Update 1.11

Below are the complete patch notes with this September 3rd upgrade.

The upgrade includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

2 new configurations have been added for controller planning:

DEVELOPER NOTES: several of you, particularly those playing Console, requested for developments on the planning adventure on Controller. We are incorporating these new configurations for many platforms to let one to better manage the degree of accuracy & inertia when planning with all the sticks. Deciding on the Linear Curve can produce a direct connection between input and target rate. Disabling Aim Acceleration will get rid of the inertia out of your target movement and make a more predictable goal.


In the event that you felt uneasy with all the Controller aiming so much, we advise that you try various settings to determine which works the right for you, beginning by analyzing disabling the Aim Acceleration. Keep also in mind your present Aiming sensitivity values may have very different effect depending on the curve you choose.

NOTE: We have made additional developments on aiming/sensitivity alternatives, which you’ll discover below from the Game Modes & Systems segment below.

This is simply the first step; we intend to expand this attribute later on.

You can currently REPORT PLAYERS in the Elimination display.

DEVELOPER NOTES: This really is an improvement in the present Player Reporting performance that was previously restricted exclusively to Squad members. Today you can report players that have removed you, when you have reason to think they’ve been using cheats or behaving disruptively in violation of that the Contender’s Code.

Reducing its clip dimensions and degree of goal assist should eliminate some pressure from rivals and make it a much less clear choice. other full-auto firearms. We’ll monitor closely if those modifications are sufficient to enhance the weapon equilibrium and re-adjust if needed.

DEVELOPER NOTES: The Mammoth was overly efficient in term of damage & kills, particularly on PC. We opted to fix its harm but gave it a little bit more clip dimensions to compensate. This shift should rebalance its effect vs. other close-range weapons such as the Harpy and allow it to be less of an all-purpose weapon. We’ll monitor closely the effects of the change on the weapon equilibrium and re-adjust if needed.

DEVELOPER NOTES: The Protocol’s harm will decrease after 150m to protect against getting 1-shot murdered by gamers situated very far from the activity. We have added a Lens Flare if gamers are aiming using the gun, to provide warning to their prospective victims. These two modifications should give more chances to escape or counterattack from snipers.

DEVELOPER NOTES: The Salvo is undoubtedly the least used weapon now and we believe it’s a great deal to do with its unpredictability. While we don’t mean to make it overly effective and spammy inside, these changes should make it much easier to use and less arbitrary when shooting at the path of an enemy.

DEVELOPER NOTESWe have marginally reduced the harm of this Riot One, since it was beginning to control a little too much having a high degree of efficacy as both an opening and final weapon. The harm reduction is just 4-5% over all mix levels together with the objective to lessen the total damage output instead of altering the weapon behaviour.

DEVELOPER NOTESWe obtained a great deal of opinions from the neighborhood telling us that the Crown bearer was overly difficult to beat, particularly on Console. We affirmed there were really too many Crown successes in the game now. The Crown is meant to be a tiebreaker through Showdown, perhaps not the major method to acquire a Crown Rush mode.

In patch 1.1 we have dramatically improved the strain on the Crown bearer in duration of Hack cooldowns punishment and enhanced the success timer. We’re planning more developments in the future to be certain that the Crown doesn’t get too simple to acquire while remaining entertaining for many players.


DEVELOPER NOTES: The function of Aim Assist would be to provide a fantastic experience to most gamers, not to earn a particular controller kind superior to the next. Our data revealed that on PC the weapon efficacy of Controller proved to be somewhat higher than Keyboard & Mouse, therefore its degree of Aim Assist was decreased. This is really for PC control only.


We all know the subject of Aim Assist is very important to a lot of players and may be polarizing; we’ve constantly kept an eye on this particular mechanic and also will continue to greatly track it in the long run to ensure that the game remains fun for many of our community.

The slider setting may even allow players to decrease the degree of Aim Assist to this degree that they like rather than simply having the ability to turn off it.

DEVELOPER NOTES: Assessing a significant request from our PC players because Tech Test, this can permit Mouse & Keyboard players to tweak their own sensitivity more exactly


DEVELOPER NOTES: In exploring the overall planning issue for Controller gamers, we discovered that the default sensitivity values were somewhat too large. New players will now begin with default option values closer from those we see our neighborhood use & recommend. Present configurations will probably be untouched.



  • Kudos are currently larger and exhibited for a longer period (7s)
  • More Kudos are exhibited on screen for every activation by audiences (a minimum quantity of 3 will be exhibited )

DEVELOPER NOTES: Our streamers and audiences on Twitch advised us that the Kudos weren’t visible and were frequently overlooked. We have strongly strengthened their presence on display to be sure audiences will feel that their service doesn’t go undetected, and also to create streamers feel more amazing.

As before, the Kudos could be enabled/disabled from the streamers in their Extension choices.


  • Sport Event Rotation: 3 Occasions (formerly 2)

DEVELOPER NOTES: After triggered in a game a Game Event will not have a opportunity to activate again until 3 additional Events have happened (spinning was formerly 2). Seeing double exactly the exact same occasion in one game will then be rare. This should make more diversity for audiences and gamers and decrease this type of sense of repeat with the Occasions in games.



  • Fixed a problem where players from different areas than the Americas would get matchmaking mistakes when unable to ping some other datacenter.
  • Fixed a problem where long matchmaking occasions would happen during high heaps if you’re a part of the past players to combine from the queue.


  • Fixed a problem where Challenges requiring eliminations or aids wouldn’t advance or finish if employing the Mine Hack.


  • Fixed a problem where selecting up weapons in the floor would occasionally lead them to vanish.
  • Fixed a problem where Contenders would occasionally get stuck beneath the map until the Eliminated display appeared in the conclusion of a game.


  • Fixed a problem where the wrong month was exhibited during incoming care messages.
  • Fixed a problem where thumbnails for packages have been resized when concentrated on in the Weekly Shop.
  • Fixed a problem where the”STRING” text has been current throughout the Crowning Ceremony display at the conclusion of a game.• Fixed multiple crashes and also enhanced the overall equilibrium of this match.


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