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Hyper Scape Test Server Patch Notes Update

Hyper Scape Test Server Patch Notes Update

Hyper Scape Test Server Patch Notes Update

Ubisoft’s Battle poker name Hyper Scape was declared last week along with the sport is now at a technical testing stage using a selection of gamers playing with it.

Ubisoft employs the technical evaluation to widely test the sport, like how weapons and hacks are utilized. Today Ubisoft has discovered that some matters are a little too strong. Because of this, a patch was released to decrease the stats and functionality of some in-game products.

Below is the entire patch notes. We’ll continue to keep you current on the progression of Hyper Scape.


Was behaving in a far more dominant/all-purpose function than we observed in our internal evaluations. The Time-to-kill (TTK) of this weapon is too quickly if you include the advantage of a huge magazine and shooting equilibrium. We need the gameplay to be varied, and thus that the Hexfire should develop into a less clear choice. other firearms.

We’re reducing the total damage output of this weapon, however without seriously altering its heart behavior & relaxation for the time being. We’ll continue to track it going ahead.

  • Damage across Fusion amounts dropped to 3/3/3/3/4down from 4/4/4/4/5
  • Contextual movement Spread in Hip-fire (run, run & in-air countries ) has been marginally increased to fortify difference with Ripper in duration of freedom.


The Skybreaker’s achievement has violated our expectations. We are very happy to see it utilized in rapid airborne battle, but we think it is doing a little too much damage in comparison to other weapons.

Only damage is going to be reduced, for now the rifle conduct & burst radius are unchanged.

  • Damage across Fusion amounts dropped to 40/46/52/58/64down from 50/57/65/72/80


Salvo was utilized a lot and increased many remarks about its brutal efficacy inside. Though we like its availability, it has turned into a little too much short-range, fire-and-forget weapon. For the time being, the closeness detonation won’t be altered but we’ll reduce its harm a little.

The little damage reduction will probably be sufficient to protect against a 4-hit kill in complete Fusion.

  • Damage across Fusion amounts dropped to 22/22/22/22/28down from 25/25/25/25/31



Komodo has seen a while but we believe it requires just a small buff to become more of a choice vs. Salvo or even Ripper.

  • Damage across Fusion rates climbed to 22/22/22/22/28up from 20/20/20/20/25


The very first times of Technical Test have observed small use of this D-Tap. The weapon auto-lock program functions. But, we think its damage output is a little too low to allow it to be intriguing enough, so we’re raising the pace of Fire, either in Hip-fire & ADS.

(Please be aware that in ADS that the D-TAP currently has a +15% faster RoF & an Elevated lock array in contrast to Hip-fire)

  • Rate of Fire at Hip-fire +10percent
  • Rate of Fire at ADS +10percent


The Armor Hack didn’t have a dominant presence in our inner evaluations up to now, which demonstrates how beneficial that this Technical Test with each one of you’ve been. Armor was greatly utilized in the preceding times and generated a great deal of discussion. We’ve seen players learning how to time their attacks to exploit its own inherent flaws (while in armor you can not shoot, you can not use a hack, so you can not even violate a barricade using melee). But nevertheless, the Armor stays a powerful hack which we’re changing to be powerful. The fact that gamers have learned to utilize the cooldown”Fusion-reset” to double pile it (or perhaps triple pile it) while sporting the Crown is fantastic however we can not let players get around 24s of Armor nonstop during Showdown. Thor

We’re not altering the behavior for the time being, but we’re changing cooldown and length to make additional windows of opportunity when confronting an armored contender.

  • Hack length lowered to 6sdown from 8s


Dark Haze style has revealed more Mine use in contrast to Crown Rush however we think it’s still underused in contrast to other hacks. The Mine is presently somewhat slow to respond and handling to strike players faithfully with it’s tougher than we anticipated.

Mine’s in general reactivity is going to be enhanced: its own cause time will be shortened so it activates and begins chasing players earlier, and also the Mine Projectile acceleration is going to be raised.

  • Hack activate timer length reduced to 0.5sdown from 1s
  • Projectile acceleration time to achieve Whole rate continues to be strongly increased
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