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Hyper Scape Update 1.20 Patch Notes v2.0

Hyper Scape Update 1.20 Patch Notes v2.0

Hyper Scape Update 1.20 Patch Notes v2.0

We’ll have the entire patch notes for this upgrade on October 6th.

About the PS4 you need to download and install 5.4 GB, depending upon the stage.

With upgrade V2.0 there’s lots of fresh material, the brand new ATRAX weapon, the brand new HACK — PLATFORM manner, plus even more!

The Atrax is a full-auto rifle that shoots tacky explosive projectiles.

The chemical projectiles in the Atrax will detonate immediately when hitting on a Contender, but if hitting a surface, then they will rather stick with it and invisibly soon afterwards.

Any enemy goal captured within the region of Effect of this explosion will suffer harm and a brief lag effect.

The Atrax is a powerful and flexible weapon, however it has quite a restricted magazine clip dimensions, so watch your ammo count carefully!

  • Slowdown Impact: MOVEMENT -20percent (0.75S)

It enables to set up a small platform near you, to cross massive roads of construct temporary vantage points. Platform Hack gets the shortest cooldown of Hyper Scape hacks using a minimal cooldown period of 3s at complete fusion! You will have the ability to produce platforms readily but be cautious since it’s fairly delicate, and any harm will ruin it.

  • Max Lively Platforms: Two

Developer NotesWe made a decision to present the Platform Hack afterwards in Season two, and just in some game modes for the time being. The return of this Magnet Hack (see below) already virtually adds a fresh Hack into the match meta and that should settle in. We also believed it was better to test the Platform in a few of our Limited Time manners, such as the forthcoming Floor is Lava manner where it may have a particularly intriguing effect.

The Magnet Hack is back! With the launch of Season 2 we have fixed the noise problems linked to this Magnet, which makes it possible for us to reactivate it today. It yields in precisely the exact same condition as it had been in ancient Season 1.

  • Max Lively Magnet: 1

The Infinite Slide is a brand new Game Event in which the length of sliding moves become nearly infinite, letting you slide for long distance. While slipping feel free to take all about you 360-style! Challenge your squadmates into a slide-off!

  • Impact: Switch now proceeds after hitting the cruise rate, if uninterrupted.

Season 2 presents the first version of the new Player Position system that intends to deliver a competitive advantage to the community by enabling players to evaluate their Seasonal advancement amongst each other. NOTE: This system doesn’t have an effect on matchmaking.

You will find 6 RANKS in Season two:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Champion

At the conclusion of every CROWN RUSH SQUAD game you perform you will Be Given a MEDAL (Bronze, Silver etc.) according to 3 stats:

  • Final Match positioning
  • Total Kills
  • Total Damage

You may Begin the Season Unranked until You’ve gathered at 10 MEDALS, and then the machine will kick in along with your first Rank will be computed and look, according to:

  • Your Typical Kills from the season
  • Your Typical Match Placement from the season

Your Rank is going to be shown in your nameplate in sport.

Following your initial positioning, you may CONTINUE TO IMPROVE YOUR RANK THROUGHOUT THE SEASON by becoming better Medals or enhancing your typical & kills. At any time you make a greater Medal than one presently on the Top 10, the one with the cheapest Match Score is going to be substituted with the new one.

Limited-time game modes don’t affect a participant’s Rank because they comprise game alterations with a substantial influence on the functionality values which influence Match Score.

The particulars of your Position can be observed after every game during the conclusion of Match display, along with your PLAYER PROFILE has been updated with added stats to support that method.

Developer Notes: This is just the start for your Player Ranking System, and we’re going to continue to add attributes to it later on. Please be aware that this original version is going to be a check for your system’s balancing that we may need to fix & reset throughout the season if needed.

Every day, Now You Can gather a FREE DAILY GIFT inside the Shop! Simply visit the Marketplace Portal found left at the Playscape HUB and Choose the Daily Present tile from the Shop tab.

The Daily Donation will give you various rewards which could vary from Fight Factors to level your Battle Pass, to unique aesthetic benefits. As you accumulate Daily Gifts, there’s also a progress towards a SPECIAL GIFT that ensures the fall of a distinctive cosmetic benefit. Every time you accumulate 6 Daily Presents you’ll be awarded 1 Special present.

The Player Profile was enlarged to your present Squad too. Now you can get into the Profiles & Stats anytime straight in the Social Menu, in which you’re able to supervise your Squad choices.

  • SQUAD PROFILES are included along with your Profile.
  • Profiles can now be obtained anytime in the SOCIAL MENU, not only from the Playscape HUB.
  • The next Player Ranking stats have been inserted from the Profiles:
    • Best Match Score
    • Present Season Score
    • Typical Damage per Match
    • Typical Eliminations per Match

Average Placement

The Challenge program has obtained many new features to expose it make handling challenges simpler, even throughout a game.

  • It’s currently feasible to ACCESS THE FULL CHALLENGES MENU ANYTIME DURING THE MATCH, by the Map (the map of the Hyper Scape HUB was added to encourage this behaviour ).
  • You’re able to ditch challenges in your Challenges Menu to control that Challenges that you need to view in the HUD.

As much as Season 2 the big Holograms of Neo Arcadia was just showing Ultimate Grace. Now each match’s Match Leader will possess their particular Holograms, stats & names exhibited during the game! (The Match Leader is your Contender with the maximum removal count at any particular time.)

In addition, in the Scape HUB the hosting Contender’s Hologram will then be shown.

Fulfilling one of the most often neighborhood quality-of-life asks, a new setting was added into the Gameplay choices to trigger the Auto-Sprint function. Once activated you’ll constantly be sprinting when going ahead with no extra button presses essential.

For players, we have added a new controller design preset introducing Immediate Melee activity; it begins in precisely the exact same settings as the default design with the inclusion of the guide melee button at Right Stick Click (R3).

Notice These changes too:

  • Emote 3 isn’t available in that control strategy.
  • DPAD UP is employed for the Ping.

Developer Notes: This is only a very first design preset providing control participant an access to Immediate melee activity; even more presets with this choice will be used soon.

Beginning with Season two, the arrangement in which the Game Modes can be found to perform will change to offer you a choice between a more aggressive & rated mode, and also a more arcade .

The CROWN RUSH SQUAD tile will function as RANKED style (if you perform that manner you’ll get rank score). This mode will probably be present for the entire season.


The next game style tile will provide a more ARCADE-oriented playlist which can ROTATE EACH WEEK. Those arcade manners will likely NOT BE RANKED (that they won’t make you rank rating ) and will provide a less aggressive encounter.

  • The Season will begin with FACTION WAR since the arcade mode, then change each week throughout the Season.
  • Limited time styles will no more seem like a double tile and therefore are replaced with the arcade style spinning.

Developer Notes: The shift here is to manage our participant community without dividing them between too many playlists at the same time. The objective is to provide a clearer game style choice for our more aggressive players while also supplying the Arcade place for those searching for less pressure within their expertise.


Each of the bullet weapons finally have Damage Falloff (notice: sniper rifle obtained this shift in our very last patch). The effect is different from weapon to weapon but complete, the intention remains exactly the same: The aim is to stay away from abusive long ranges strikes, to not earn Damage Falloff a significant parameter of the battle loop.

For numerous weapons too, the ADS has received an increase in duration of Aim-assist equally on PC & Consoles to fortify its worth vs. Hip-Fire.


  • Removed the FOV kick when shooting with the weapon.
  • Increased Bullet Spread at Hip-fire.

Developer Notes: The Dragonfly has obtained many improvements to make it even more efficient and comfortable in ADS. Like for different weapons damage falloff was inserted but the Dragonfly remains the weapon using the longest range following the Protocol sniper weapon.




  • Removed the FOV kick when shooting with the weapon.

Developer Notes: The FOV shift when shooting the Riot 1 felt uneasy for many players, occasionally even creating motion illness, it’s been removed.

Developer Notes: According to comments from gamers we raised the base damage of this Protocol, to be certain you’d be in a position to always remove an opponent with two body shots. We concur that having to land 3 body shots at reduced mix level felt boring. The most damage of this Protocol is unchanged.


Min Range for Total Damage: 12M (formerly 15m)


Developer Notes: This change must create the Mine more responsive and more dependable in battle.


  • Impact Duration: 8S (formerly 6S)
  • Impact: Worldwide effect that ardently reduces the cooldown of hacks for the length
  • The Cooldown decrease is global and affects all players to the length.

Crates spawned via this Event are permanent on the map before ruined.

A string of comments improvements are made to the Crown to assist Contenders chase the Crown Bearer and combat with its Defenders teammates.

Crown Bearer

  • Improved contrast & readability of this Crown timer and icon on the bearer.
  • Improved readability of this off-screen Crown index.
  • Enemy Crown bearers nevertheless possess a Gold outline nonetheless FRIENDLY Crown bearers finally have a White outline (therefore it’s clear they aren’t an enemy).

Crown Defenders

  • Teammates of the enemy Crown bearer are currently REVEALED to all through a GOLD Reveal Indicator within their minds.

Developer NotesWe all know coordinating with enemies to resist the Squad working out together with the Crown is tough. Those visual improvements need to help identifying the ideal players to aim. Creating the Crown Bearer more observable will even help pursuing it.

Faction War has obtained a string of feedback enhancements to unclutter it term of UI and create Revives simpler.

  • Unified the restore icons of faction teammates & mates.
  • Removed the”Ready to get Restore” text out of faction mates.
  • Additional Range Indicator Numbers into faction mate Revive Icons.
  • Faction mate Revive Icons scale through space.
  • Echoes no longer wrongly see”Telephone for Revive” Icons to get faction mates (that they will still see squadmates’ however ).


  • All of Ammo Pouches now have a normalized quantity of ammo. Typically, all weapons pouches hold 5x reloads value of ammo (at complete Fusion clip dimensions ), with a few exceptions such as Skybreaker.
  • The quantity of ammo obtained from ammo boxes pickups was upgraded to provide just 20 percent of every weapon pouch. This means it requires just 5 pickups to fill each weapon pouch.

Developer Comment: This change is much more of a layout cleanup and ought not to influence strongly the match experience.

  • The default channel has been altered to”Party Only (Personal )”. This is successful for all newly created accounts (i.e. present accounts will continue to keep their existing setting).

Developer Comment: This change has been done to lessen tumultuous mic interactions for gamers that would rather require the ping machine to organize with arbitrary squadmates.

  • The Red Skull that seemed at the middle of the display when removing an opponent was lowered from the reticle.

Developer Comment: This is just another frequent community QoL petition we are extremely pleased to bring into the match for this patch!

  • Now you can choose the way the things are sorted on your own locker.
  • Alphabetical Ascending
  • Alphabetical Descending
  • Now you Can Opt to display the space on squadmate markers together with the option of 3 configurations:
  • Consistently
  • On Screen Edge Just


On keyboard, now you can remap the”Endorsement” button (i.e. congratulate a squadmate after removing an enemy).


  • Fixed a problem where full-auto weapons were occasionally able to take two bullets simultaneously.
  • Fixed a problem where the Ripper’s muzzle flash VFX wasn’t in-sync with the weapon speed of Fire.


  • Fixed a problem where using the Wall hack below your feet after hitting a ceiling will spawn an imperceptible Wall.


  • Fixed a problem where the sound went partly missing after getting pulled from the Magnet hack.
  • In Faction War, eliminated a particular bark which has been replicated over once during a brief quantity of time.
  • In Faction War, fixed a problem where you could discover other faction mates rather than your squadmates.
  • Fixed a problem where pinging a Restore Point using a squadmate now using it would not play with a bark.
  • Fixed a problem where Ultimate Grace barks were occasionally not playing throughout the installation phase.
  • Fixed a problem where Ultimate Grace barks were occasionally not enjoying when inputting a Lobby.


  • In Faction War, fixed a problem where some players weren’t transitioning into the success screen after the previous enemy Faction got removed.
  • On consoles, fixed a problem where players would eliminate voice chat performance when inputting then departing the Ubisoft Club program.


  • About PC, fixed a problem where rebinding the Ping button into something apart from Middle Mouse Button would nevertheless demonstrate the exact same input on the Map.
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