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Hyper Scape Update 1.21 Patch Notes v2.1

Hyper Scape Update 1.21 Patch Notes v2.1

Hyper Scape Update 1.21 Patch Notes v2.1

We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on October 22.

About the PS4 you need to download and set up 1.6 GB, depending upon the stage.

With upgrade V2.1 there are new features, alterations to the firearms and far more!

A brand new exponential aiming curve was added for controls as well as also the behaviour of another curves continues to be enhanced. The three coordinating curves (classic( linear and exponential) now use exactly the exact same rate / top speed configurations. We also fixed some problems in which the rotational rate was sometimes different between horizontal & vertical rate, which should raise the relaxation when planning.

This Includes new planning configurations to customize your controller:

  • Horizontal Additional rate
  • Vertical Additional rate
  • Horizontal Additional rate (ADS)
  • Vertical Additional rate (ADS)
  • Extra rate delay
  • Extra rate time
  • Extra rate delay (ADS)
  • Extra rate time (ADS)

Additionally, we added an outer threshold (dead zone) placing which should fix most input problems with controls.

With the coming of the brand new aiming curve program, we chose to pass all of default organizing configurations; we decided to reset all of the aiming-related configurations for controls to be certain everybody would gain in the modifications (if you undergone any control problems it is advised you restore the default option manually ).

Auto-Sprint is currently on by default (accurate for PC & Consoles)

Controllers just:

  • Default controller design is currently Instant Melee.
  • Exponential curve is chosen by default
  • Controller Aim aid is placed at 100 by default. Including endurance, ADS, additional speed delay and period preferences.Two new controller designs are added: reverse rotational , which will be a duplicate of the shoulder hop design with reversed button works and rod jumper, which enables player to jump with the ideal stick.

    Additionally, immediate melee activity was added to all designs , except that the”default” Hyper Scape design. This usually means that the 3rd Emote activity is now unavailable for specific designs. __

    With advancements made to producing in-game, a fresh area of view slider was added on PS4 Guru and Xbox One X Player.

    Remember that changing the default value may affect the overall visual quality of the match, as it impacts the energetic resolution scaling.

    Coming to PS4 and Xbox at a future Update, intended for November

Developer Notes: Since we have communicated previously, we are dedicated to making this feature available on all platforms. The slider will soon be accessible on PS4 and Xbox consoles at a upcoming Update coming in November!


In this event, Neo Arcadia will soon be shifting to the Night installment and brand new limited-time game styles will probably continue to appear per week: Solo Crown Hurry with Second Chance, subsequently Dark Haze Squad. New things will also look at the Shop, fresh Challenges will be accessible, and also a Candy power-up will likely be present in all game modes. The Candies will Offer a Brief speed boost in Addition to regen a chunk of Your Wellbeing

The solo crown dash mode will return through the initial week of Halloween! It will incorporate a fresh respawn mechanic known as second opportunity which can give players the chance to get back in the fight when they have removed early in the game.

Numerous times you get removed during the initial 4:40 minutes of this conflict, you’ll receive re-deployed through your bunny . You may reappear in the heavens directly above your passing location and will have the ability to fly at which you need from that point. An icon will indicate where you died. You won’t maintain the gear you looted before your departure but will continue to keep your ammo, therefore attempt to determine if you would like to return to the identical place to receive your loot back or want to discover a new, safer place to property.

Second Chance is only going to be busy at Solo Crown Rush, and while this manner is available.

On the next week of Halloween, the Dark Haze Squad game style will be accessible.

In that manner, only particular weapons & hacks can be found — but among these is your system hack, making its introduction at Hyper Scape!

Celebrate Halloween with your favourite streamers on Twitch!

Buy one of those new Kudos to demonstrate your support to your streamers with spooky bats or pumpkins!

Floors is Lava is a brand new Squad-based limited-time game style that can appear this year. In this manner, the decreased rates of Neo Arcadia are coated by a deadly lava which will kill any opponent slipping into it in a matter of minutes! Only specific weapons and hacks can be found in that manner — but among these is your system hack.



This patch introduces a few significant changes to the game equilibrium, in addition to relaxation improvements for all weapons, particularly weapons that are explosive. Additionally, after the last patch, another measure was designed to strongly fortify the worth of ADS (aka”aiming manner”) vs. hip-fire in relation to aim-assist equally on PC & Console, for many”bullet” firearms.

We all know some changes will probably be polarizing within our community, however they’re an essential endeavor toward making the sport more accessible. As always, we’ll be tracking the match along with your comments carefully to keep on adjusting the equilibrium.

  • Significantly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.
  • Significantly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.
  • Significantly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.
  • Explosion Area of Impact: 5.5R (formerly 4.5R)
  • Reduced the Explosion VFX dimensions on display.


  • Increased harm across Fusion into 9/9/9/9/11 (formerly 5/5/5/5/6)
  • speed of Fire: 160 RPM (formerly 260)
  • Lock Range at Hip-fire: 30m (formerly 35m)
  • Lock Range at ADS: 65m (formerly 50m)

Developer Notes: The D-TAP has obtained both a damage increase and a decrease of its own Rate of Fire. The total result is a growth of harm accompanied with a swarming feeling if you get struck. The lock ranges are strongly contrasted between hip-fire and ADS and will complete give the weapon a more powerful worth in ADS.


Developer Notes: This change will cut the hack’s cure power in connection to the recently reduced Health Regen rate, to prevent making Heal too obvious a choice.


  • Impact Duration: 4s (formerly 5s)

Developer Notes: The Invisibility/Invulnerable combo is presently overly efficient and doesn’t leave enough shooting chances for the competitions. This shift increases the minimal length during which a participant can not use any of both and can be exposed.


  • Impact Duration: 4s (formerly 5s)

Developer Notes: Same remark & logic as to Invisibility.

Developer Notes: The Mine remains an underused hack; this shift makes it the most harmful hack far and should provide it a larger value vs. Other offensive hacks. The large environment damage was improved to match the one from the Slam. This will let it ruin a Wall hack one blow.

Developer Notes: The Magnet is now strong in particular rare battle configurations. This change should make it somewhat less effective to lock gamers, and we are going to keep on tracking it closely later on.


  • Impact Duration: 15s (formerly 8s)


Developer Notes: Your health regeneration rate will probably be strongly reduced: It will kick after 15 minutes after the previous damage obtained, rather than 5 minutes before. The intention here would be to induce players to pause somewhat between engagements and make more chances to complete fights with an elimination.

We have corrected the Player Ranking thresholds for attaining specific Ranks to make certain they match the expectations of their community.

The visuals of lootable weapons & hacks are updated to be visible at longer space and reveal the Fusion degree of the thing before getting inside looting range.

Developer Notes: The installation will be a little quicker and feel more responsive concerning navigation. This will be particularly helpful for the re-deployment of Second Chance.



  • Fixed a problem where the Protocol V lens VFX wouldn’t disappear after changing weapon while the weapon was first in ADS.


  • Fixed a problem where a participant’s Season Score could exhibit a negative value in the Profile page.


  • Fixed a problem in which changing the essential binding for launching the World Map will stop gamers from launching it.
  • Fixed a problem where the Solo game style picture was revealed on the Play portal even if the mode wasn’t active.
  • Fixed an issue where the Osaka Joyrider thumbnail picture at the Locker was distinct from what was revealed from the 3D preview.
  • Fixed a problem where choosing the”Comics” button at the Hall of Champions portal would open a blank webpage. The button will be temporarily eliminated until there’s a suitable fix.
  • Fixed a problem where the”loading Crown” icon has been current throughout the intro cinematic
  • left several text & localization problems.


    • Fixed multiple crashes and enhanced the overall stability of this match.
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