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In Fortnite all police cars have been removed

In Fortnite all police cars have been removed

In Fortnite all police cars have been removed

Where are the police cars in Fortnite? Players start looking for them in Battle Royale and Creative manners, but they do not find them. Developer Epic Games has commented.

This type of change of season guarantees changes on this map. This is currently flooded over a massive region from the water.

Because of this, some vehicles which were formerly found are presently in the water. They aren’t usable. However, as Kotaku reports, a very particular kind of automobile is entirely missing: police automobiles.


Police cars become ordinary cars

Normally the police cars were located in a variety of areas on the map.

Epic Games commented about this particular issue into the Wall Street Journal. They clarify that this isn’t a”political statement”. The cause of that is”sensitive to [present ] issues”.

The patrol cars weren’t removed right, police cars look and then immediately become ordinary cars.

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