Infinity Ward Call of Duty Pros Frustrated


Infinity Ward Call of Duty Pros Frustrated

While Infinity Ward has done an excellent job so much when it comes to dishing out post-launch content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the exact same can’t be mentioned when it comes to the Modern Warfare weapon equilibrium meta.

This rings true even today, and it appears Call of Duty pros are not happy with Infinity Ward’s lack of upgrades when it comes to weapon tuning and so on.

From the movie, all four have been in agreement that Infinity Ward hasn’t done a particuarly good job in shaking up the weapon , with Crowder lamenting that Infinity Ward has not earned a weapon pruning pass because the”start of the match.”

Merk adds,”that devour upgrade, we have not had any…I will say it on broadcast as much as I can…it’s horrible!”.


If you would like to follow the part about them griping about the lack of Modern Warfare weapon balance updates, it’s in the 1:38:00 mark.

Can you agree with the Call of Duty experts with this one or is the Modern Warfare weapon balance just right now and does not need a change? We want to hear what you need to say, so share ’em in the remarks below.


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