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Insurgency: Hotfix Update Patch Notes 1.7.1

Insurgency Hotfix Update Patch Notes 1.7.1

Insurgency Hotfix Update Patch Notes 1.7.1

We’ve Got the full Patch Notes of the Update on August 26.

The upgrade has been published for the PC version, the console gamers might need to wait a couple of days.

  • Upgraded global lighting configurations to more closely fit illumination before upgrade 1.7.1’s engine update to 4.25
  • Reduced cases of AI shooting a participant once they ducked behind pay rather than suppressing the participant’s last known observable place
  • Fixed a problem that has been causing reflective surfaces (windows, eyeglasses, etc.) inside of smoke to be visible to players out the smoke
  • Fixed an issue causing players to fall through the floor of the elevator in Ministry although it was humorous
  • Fixed a problem with equipment (armor, ammo vests, etc.) onto corpses evaporating early
  • Fixed a problem where magazines being chucked out of speed reloads would vanish immediately
  • Fixed a problem where magazines could just look half way through a staged reload animation
  • Fixed the past and following hint buttons not reacting the in-game menu
  • Fixed a problem where flashlight flare was not showing properly in nighttime vision

Editor Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where renaming connections would also replicate all items you’d previously chosen to this folder
  • Fixed issue so altering streaming kind for amount will conserve amount’s subfolder if re-adding the sublevel.

Known Problems

  • Some gamers are undergoing stuttering and functionality problems; we’re collecting community feedback on the Matter here to fix it quicker
  • Fire service sounds will occasionally play out of sequence or not in all
  • Voice over outlines for fire assistance kills aren’t tripping properly
  • Fire service kills are not being added into the Commander and Observer’s score
  • Backwards compatibility of mods was busted and mods Have to Be recooked
  • In-game hints may reveal a gap between the text and applicable hotkey under particular circumstances
  • Putting a community host as a favorite doesn’t save
  • The Welrod can clip together with the camera in limited regions
  • The third individual vaulting animation may reveal that the gamers leg clipping together with the entire world
  • Nighttime Maps Replays are played with all the wrong lighting situation
  • Fixed not Having the Ability to scavenge skinned weapon publications in the Honey Badger and Mk14 EBR
  • Mines aren’t triggered by vehicles driving over them
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