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Insurgency: Update Patch Notes 1.7

Insurgency Update Patch Notes 1.7

Insurgency Update Patch Notes 1.7

We’ve Got the full Patch Notes of the Update.

The upgrade has been published for the PC version, the console gamers might need to wait a couple of days.

Insurgency Sandstorm: Update 1.7 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a problem causing maps to load with no course or faction choices until gamers leave and rejoin the game
  • Further decreased occurrences of getting floating magazines following resupply and additional additional logging to capture more edge cases inducing this dilemma
Known Problems
  • When scavenging ammunition out of particular weapons using a skin, the skinned magazine is only going to show in third-person rather than at all first-person
  • A brand new participant’s default makeup they view start up might occasionally not be of a constant colour scheme. Please return to provide and bitch to whomever is on duty till they provide you the ideal equipment.
  • While Using the Picture-in-picture Scope Setting, a few optics might not show properly
  • Whilst planning down landscapes with a few illuminated optics may cause the crosshair to stutter Once the weapon is transferred
  • Some hints that mention key bindings are revealing as from the loading screen dialog
  • There are some decorative clipping Problems That are just visible when players combine a round That’s already in progress
  • The Commander voice above to asking an observer when Trying to utilize Binoculars from an Observer Isn’t always playing correctly
  • AKM underbarrel grenade launcher’s reload animations are missing the cubes
  • Floating firearms and gear can sometimes be viewed after resupplying That Could be supernaturally related (have predicted Epic’s Bustin’ Division [EBD])
  • Purchased cosmetics Aren’t being correctly sorted at the Peak of the listing
  • The Laser Sight is erroneously showing the’New’ yellowish dot index (meant for new night gear ) until It’s Been chosen at least once
  • Replays listed at nighttime will probably be revealed in daily
  • There’s an exploitable problem with specific magazines That Allows them to garnish faster than they ought to
  • Suicide bombers bursting can occasionally cause a crash to desktop
  • Scavenging a magazine by an AKM, Honey Badger, or even Mk 14 EBR using a weapon skin will give the participant an unskinned magazine at first individual
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