LA Noire VR Studio Working on “AAA Open World” Rockstar Title

LA Noire VR Studio Working on AAA Open World Rockstar Title

LA Noire VR Studio Working on AAA Open World Rockstar Title

Employing those in tandem using a little AFK loot farming should place players within the brink very quickly.

Is hiring for a new job which it’s calling a”AAA open domain in VR for Rockstar” based on some LinkedIn article in the last month as seen by an astute Redditor Monday.

The Sydney-based studio is currently hiring programmers, animators, and developers to work on which it’s calling a”ground-breaking undertaking ”


The 2017 launch received generally positive reviews on Metacritic.

Grand Theft Auto III is a specific name from Rockstar frequently regarded as influential in establishing the benchmark for what open world matches may be, so it seems fitting Rockstar may guide the way in VR open world adventures on a AAA-scale.

Considering that the staff is only now working on constructing its own rankings to gear up to your attempts this game will need, we hope it’s going to be a while till we hear some more word on this one. Here’s hoping to get a teaser by summertime 2021?

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