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League of Legends Top Lane Tier List Patch 10.14

League of Legends Top Lane Tier List Patch 10.14

League of Legends Top Lane Tier List Patch 10.14

League of Legends top lane tier list for Patch 10.14 appears at the top winners that will dominate lane phase and use pressure in the top lane. These will be the best top laners for beating your enemies and climbing the solo strand ladder.

League of Legends Top Lane Tier List 10.14Garen has long been a powerhouse in the top lane. Perseverance (passive) allows Garen to keep a healthy life condition no matter who he’s laning against. Judgment (E) allows Garen to quickly mow down minion waves and farm up. Demacian Justice (R) is such a powerful spell which Garen could win almost any 1-vs-1, which makes him top our list.

A Tier: Wukong, Jax, Malphite, Tryndamere, Illaoi


Wukong formerly came in as a S tier jungler. With Patch 10.14 comes nerfs to Wukong’s Cyclone (R), Cyclone’s knock-up length was reduced from 0.75 to 0.6. As a result, he’s dropped a grade. Despite these modifications Wukong remains a strong top-lane pick. His ability to go invisible and knock up multiple competitions remains very strong.

B Tier: Maokai, Ornn, Singed, Kled, Dr. Mundo

Spotlight: Maokai

When there aren’t any changes coming to Maokai in League of Legends Patch 10.14 he stays a solid top lane choice for climbing the solo strand ladder. Maokai’s Sap Magic (passive) enables him to maintain a healthy life total whilst in the laning stage.

Sapling Toss (E) enables Maokai to use makeshift wards and poke enemy lane opponents. Nature’s Grasp (R) is powerful and has the potential to completely alter team fights.

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