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Liquid Stretch and Teeq win NAE and EU DreamHack Open tournaments

Liquid Stretch and Teeq win NAE and EU DreamHack Open tournaments

Liquid Stretch and Teeq win NAE and EU DreamHack Open tournaments

Fortnite Season 3 seemed to be the most busy season of aggressive Fortnite in recent memory — maybe . At the start of the year, we had been put to possess Ninja Battles, the DreamHack Open, everyday Money Cups, along with the FNCS Solos contest to take us to Season 4. Ninja Battles is currently on hiatus following Mixer’s shutdown, but the remaining events are moving as scheduled.

Last weekend, we watched the largest names in just two of the most common expert Fortnite areas, NA-East and EU, square off to their share of a $1.75 million prize pool. Ahead, we’ll provide a fast recap of this contest in addition to the top-ten finishers for each of those 2 regions.


NA-East Outcomes

Interestingly, Stretch managed to acquire the finals without winning one match. His 19 eliminations and positioning points were sufficient to make him the success.

He was not able to maintain the exact same consistency in positioning points which Stretch did, which explains why he ended with just 392 points.

BenjyFishy showed-out on top ping at the NA-East area, finishing at 28, three places below Bugha in 25 and almost 20 spots before Clix in 41.

EU Outcomes

Talking of BenjyFishy, the NRG specialist ended sixth in his home area, netting him a cent to get a couple hours of Fortnite this weekend. The area’s winner was Teeq, followed closely by fan-favorite along with 100T participant MrSavage. The former won the contest on the rear of positioning points while MrSavage revealed his ability with a whopping three kills per match and 24 total eliminations.

The DreamHack Open will go back this weekend to the NA-West area.

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