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Madden 21 Patch Details Update Version 1.13

Madden 21 Patch Details Update Version 1.13

Madden 21 Patch Details Update Version 1.13

EA Sports released a new upgrade for Madden NFL 21 now, October 8. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade.

About the Playstation 4 how big this download is 1,97 GB, depending upon the stage, the dimensions could differ.


Key Highlights:

  • General Franchise bug fixes
  • Upgraded handling of wins/losses caused by players losing their sport relationship
  • Tuned that the Bench Press Ability for superior equilibrium in most game modes

Gameplay Updates:

  • Fixed a problem causing user-controlled QBs to occasionally mechanically throw into a receiver right after the snap.
    • DEV NOTE: Even though we mended a variant of this in a previous upgrade, community opinions made us conscious of an extra edition. In cases like this, if a person had spammed a catch-mechanic over the preceding play, in some instances which button-input data could proceed to the subsequent play when holding the snap button for a longer time period. We are convinced this particular bug was the offender for those impacted.
  • Resolved the problem using the’Ball-Stuck-In-Hand’ party tripping too often
  • Tuning into the Bench Press Ability therefore it will no longer employ fatigue penalties on running plays; additionally reduced the total quantity of fatigue effect when a recipient becomes pushed in person protection
    • DEV NOTE: Something we wish to make our players aware of comparative to this capability (in addition to several different skills ), is that as evaluations grow, the total impact will obviously decline. Particular to Bench Press, as players’ endurance evaluations grow, so does their exhaustion recovery speed. This will cause the capacity becoming less effective over time in ways such as Franchise and Ultimate Team.
  • Addressed a problem causing a pitched pass to twist back into a guardian at a Strip Attempt
  • Fixed a rare problem causing the ball carrier to suspend through a fake-out vs. a protector
  • Fixed the receiver icons not appearing as well as the pitch occasionally falling short Leading to a fumble on the HB Twist Pass drama
  • Removed the’Pass Rush On-Field Trainer’ overhead screen in multiplayer clinic to Permit for simpler multi-controller labbing
  • Fixed a blocking interaction difficulty Leading to a graphical mistake
  • General Stability fixes

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Fixed a rare crash when seeing”Search Trade Outcomes”
  • when Choosing the Maximum problem on a Gravity Rush, You’ll Be defaulted to this difficulty when choosing”Play Next Challenge”
  • Many UI improvements to Assist with text readability

Franchise Upgrades:

  • Face of the Franchise Updates:
    • General stability enhancements
  • Franchise Upgrades:
    • General stability enhancements
    • Significantly diminished the Number of fractures that may bring about Simulated games
    • The’Draft Bar’ port will Stay visible during the Publish when browsing between menus
    • Fixed a problem with the’Team’ tab evaporating for consumers when exiting a match

Demo Upgrades:

  • Multiple Teams Oakley visor tab colours upgraded to the colours They’re using this year
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