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Madden 21 Patch Notes Update Version 1.10

Madden 21 Patch Notes Update Version 1.10

Madden 21 Patch Notes Update Version 1.10

Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on September 22.

About the Playstation 4 how big this download is 4,7 GB, depending upon the stage, the dimensions could differ. Now’s Madden Update brings fresh skills, bug fixes, and enhancements.

New Abilities

  • (NEW) Run Committed — Defenders with this capacity will dominantly triumph run cubes when they properly use the Guess Play modification to forecast a run.
  • (NEW) Pass Committed — Defenders with this capacity will win pass cubes when they properly use the Guess Play modification to forecast a pass.
  • Enforcer — Addressed a problem causing CPU-controlled defenders using the Enforcer capability to utilize hit-stick tackles too often, and Consequently also cause more fumbles than planned

Ball Carrier

  • Upgraded QB-Slide performance to ensure a double-tap of this dip button will always be slide while one press will continually be dip, which will align with the non-QB ball provider’give-up’ performance
  • Altered the brand new’Jurdle’ cartoon to decrease over-steering
  • Fixed a problem that would sometimes Enable the QB to input a handle animation when Trying to slide, which could lead to fumbles
  • Fixed a problem where Ball Carriers would stumble and drop nicely after a collision with their legs
  • Fixed a problem where chunk carriers were falling and tripping too often when running throughout the lineup and colliding with their blockers
  • Fixed a problem infrequently causing the ball carrier to constantly run after scoring a TD
  • Fixed quarterbacks pitching the ball with the Incorrect hands on alternative plays

Defensive Coverage

  • Fixed issue enabling the’Bunch Verticals Flanker Motion-Snap’ quick-throw harness vs Cover 3 and Cover 4:
    • DEV NOTE: A longstanding heritage issue, enabling users to phone Bunch Verticals, movement the flanker to the exterior, snap while in movement and fast throw into that recipient who’d be available against Cover 3 and Cover 4. We’ve additional logic to its Curl Flat and Quarters Flat defenders to insure that throw.
  • Addressed a Motion difficulty causing defensive guards in person coverage which were covering a recipient in motion to exchange duties with the other defensive back on the other side of their creation, leaving the movement receiver receptive
  • Fixed a problem allowing route-swapping from almost any passing formation by perceptible & resetting their drama telephone double
  • Addressed a problem with Cornerback Matchups by Route inducing linebackers and cornerbacks to change alignments in pre-play vs. certain offensive formations
  • Fixed a problem causing man-coverage defenders to get into a poor position versus motion-wheel paths
  • Fixed multiple defensive alignment problems Brought on by motioning that the Slot Receiver into the interior Gun Drain Bunch and motioning a HB out broad in Gun Trips, Leading to inverted mission and alignments
  • Fixed issues with Defensive Backs responding too slowly to WR auto-motion and user-controlled receiver movement, leaving the receiver wide open in the snap
  • Addressed a problem where defenders mirroring a receiver in motion would occasionally stumble in their teammate Once the ball has been snapped
  • Fixed a problem infrequently causing pass-rushing out linebackers to reverse their gap mission to the Other Side of the formation Once the ball has been snapped
  • Fixed a problem causing a guardian in man policy vs. a screen-blocking receiver could run beyond the blocking receiver onto a few RPO Alert performs


  • Tuning for an Assortment of handling cartoon Problems That occasionally prevented tackles from tripping Circuit ball carriers in Juke moves, and a few cases where the ball carrier Wasn’t using any particular move
  • Fixed a problem causing an offensive lineman on the floor to twist up to be a part of a multi-player sofa interaction involving the pass rusher and quarterback
  • Fixed a problem causing a CPU-controlled guardian to observe while the ball remains live following a fumble


  • Enriched multiple problems in which the ball was moving through gamers’ torsos on swat and grab efforts
  • Addressed a problem allowing user-controlled recipients with Aggressive Catch to create grabs they shouldn’t have especially on diving and leaping capture animations. The participant evaluations will have a milder impact on the results of the Particular capture animations
  • Fixed a problem preventing a teammate from grabbing a pitch on kickoff returns
  • Forged to chunk physics to Decrease the frequency of footballs consistently/repeatedly bouncing from transferring players and retaining the drama live

General Fixes

  • Fixed an problem with users having the ability to despair their opponent on the internet by getting unlimited False Start penalties
    • DEV NOTE: we’ve addressed this matter and today 3 successive False Starts, Delay of Game, or some other combination of these penalties will lead to the user committing the penalties becoming booted.
  • Fixed a blocking issue causing the fullback and cancel tight end to collide with each other after the snap on particular formations
  • Fixed a problem causing offensive players to seldom move from the creation rankings in pre-play, like a QB moving into a guard position or a protector moving into some WR position following an perceptible:
    • DEV NOTE: We managed to narrow down the measures to recognize the origin of the uncommon bug, according to detailed feedback we collected from our neighborhood. Thanks ! While we’re certain this particular scenario is repaired, there might be other scenarios which could cause some comparable behaviours so we’ll continue to monitor and tackle problems here as they develop.
  • Fixed a problem causing the CPU-controlled crime to predict passing plays occasionally when winning late in the match Rather than running plays
  • Fixed a problem causing CPU-controlled quarterbacks to roll from their pocket but then abruptly stop to Try and throw causing unnecessary sacks

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Improved the accuracy of difficulty descriptions for Challenges
  • Various quality of life improvements among different MUT UI screens
  • Addressed an exploit where users could complete 1 play challenges and get bonus XP
  • Updated logic to tackle player feedback that the play clock would wind down to the point at which pre-snap adjustments were difficult to execute
  • Addressed an issue allowing users to intentionally leave certain positions in the depth chart empty to acquire receivers to auto-sub in at the tight end positions, and use this to exploit the’audibles by personnel’ feature in gameplay; with this change, you will now find defensive players subbed into any offensive position that’s left empty on the depth chart, which will prevent any audibles from those sets as the defender doesn’t fit any offensive personnel packages
  • Addressed a gameplay issue specific to Ultimate Team where specific QB’s would cause bad snaps over his head occasionally on Jet Sweep types of plays

Franchise Updates:

  • Face of the Franchise Updates:
    • General stability improvements
    • Added a new cutscene for users named NFL MVP in The Comeback storyline
    • Fixed issue with audio not playing correctly in the final Face of the Franchise cutscene at the user’s high school field
    • Fixed several issues in storylines with branching logic, rewards, ability unlocks, typos, and goal tracking
    • Fixed performance problems in the 1st High School game
  • Franchise Updates:
    • Fixed an issue with users input not working when navigating positions in the Formation Subs screen
    • Fixed an issue with Slow Sim for PS4 users
    • General stability improvements
    • Fixed issue with Veteran players receiving votes for Rookie of the Year awards
    • Added league names to Franchise cloud save tiles
    • The next abilities are added Franchise:
      • Run Committed
      • Pass Committed
      • Deflator

The Yard Updates:

  • Added visual indicator for whether you’re viewing H2H or versus CPU events
  • Added your own score to Frienderboard display
  • Fixed issues around player control and loot round drafts
  • Fixed an issue where abilities wouldn’t display correctly if accessed in quick succession
  • Fixed an issue where maxed out prototypes would display blank rewards
  • Stability and internet connectivity improvements
  • Fixed an issue where CPU-controlled quarterbacks were always getting sacked while the play matchup was Trips Verts Hook vs Safe Zone Blitz
  • Fixed the Slot Streak being open every time when running Deep Dish vs 1 Deep Zone Blitz
  • Fixed an issue causing the ball to warp between the passer’s hands while throwing from a sack
  • Addressed an issue causing the offensive receiver icons to sometimes appear after the defense had made an interception in the backfield, which might lead to the defender unintentionally passing the ball back to offensive players when attempting skill moves
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from trying to recover a loose ball after a fumbled pitch or lateral

Presentation Updates:

  • Updated helmet and chinstrap placement lots of high profile players who have changed helmets like Derek Carr, Devin Bush, Denzel Ward and Alex Smith to name a couple of
  • Fixed an issue with Titans AFL jersey
  • Updated multiple generic heads with newer high quality ones

User Experience (UX) Updates:

  • Updates are made to deal with general performance that impacted reliability of the kick meter, where it would sometimes hitch during field goal scenarios.
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