Madden 21 Patch Notes Update Version 1.14

Madden 21 Patch Notes Update Version 1.14

Madden 21 Patch Notes Update Version 1.14

Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on October 15.

About the Playstation 4 how big this download is just 2 GB, depending upon the stage, the dimensions could differ. Today’s update is mostly worried about bug fixes and enhancements.

The Star or X under the participant will light-up suitably when using these skills.

  • Addressed a problem with receivers dropping the ball from late flashes from defenders.
    • DEV NOTE: In such scenarios, the recipient would appear to have attracted the ball secured it but the late crash by a guardian would possess the ball dribble from the recipient’s hands (s). We’ve now left the window for knocking the ball from a usual crash smaller therefore defenders will no more have the ability to knock the ball out so late.
  • Fixed a problem with defenders in person coverage not responding appropriately to a recipient on a Bubble course in RPO plays.
  • Intends to raise AI pass-rush on All-Pro and All-Madden ability levels. When AI pass rushers acquire their matchup, they will conquer their block earlier.
  • Addressed a problem with left-handed QB constantly running choice run plays into the left irrespective of the run management.
    • DEV NOTE: We know that left-handed QB’s will also be running the wrong direction on QB Power plays, which correct will probably be in a upcoming name upgrade, as we had been not able to squeeze it in to this one.
  • Fixed a problem occasionally causing the ball to be wrongly seen on the 35-yard lineup when a kick returner will grab the ball directly online in the back of the endzone.
  • Additional logic for user-controlled ball carriers to have the ability to activate fake-outs employing fundamental ball carrier ability moves on Arcade, instead of just combo moves.


Franchise Upgrades:

  • Face of the Franchise Updates:
    • Fixed a problem with customers acting as a HB receiving temporary evaluations boosts for QB related evaluations
    • Fixed a problem with some skills appearing twice at the edit player screen
  • Franchise Upgrades:
    • Fixed a problem with elderly, high OVR Free Agents being eliminated from the match before users have an Opportunity to join them
    • Fixed a problem where players obtained Morale and Legacy changes throughout pre-season games

The Yard Updates:

  • Stability and reliability improvements

Demo Upgrades:

  • Fixed a problem with Oilers uniforms
  • Raiders upgraded to Grass area
  • Washington End Zones updated
  • Atlanta End Zones updated
  • Upgraded Captains patch celebrities and C is not upgrading correctly
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