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Patch notes

Madden 21 Update Details Patch 1.12

Madden 21 Update Details Patch 1.12

Madden 21 Update Details Patch 1.12

EA Sports released a new upgrade for Madden NFL 21 now, October 2nd. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on October 2.

About the Playstation 4 how big this download is 2,23 GB, depending upon the stage, the dimensions could differ.


  • Improved Enriched Force to operate on User commanded non-engaged defensive motions
  • Improved Avalanche capability to operate against Ball Carriers with the Cover Ball mechanic


  • Fixed issue with Coverage assignments erroneously switching in the Major Nickel formation
  • Addressed a problem where when conducting Nickel 3-3-5 Broad: 1 Sam SS Blitz an External Linebacker in Man could inappropriately convert into QB Spy
  • Improved Default Zone Drop Coach Adjustment for Flat Zone so Cloud Flats and Hard Flats would perform suitably when on the area at the Exact Same time
  • Enriched Cover 4 Palms Inside Quarter Security play to cover #2 Receiver
  • Address a problem in Cover 4 in which the Quarter Level participant would suit paths He shouldn’t have been fitting

General Gameplay Improvements

  • Fixed a problem causing an opposing player to suspend in the center of the area occasionally during offense-only practice.
  • Fixed the Zone/Man inform where banning users could tell if their competitor were at Zone or Man predicated on if they can snap the ball
  • Addressed a problem with Cornerback Coach Adjustment being put to rate leading to the Middle Linebacker being booted in out Cornerback
  • Fixed a problem with the frontside Defensive End being abandoned unblocked when conducting Singleback: Bunch: Pitch WR Reverse vs Dime: 2-3-6
  • Fixed a problem with attacking users not needing the ball seen back 5 yards in the previous line of scrimmage after committing a False Start penalty onto a two-point conversion
  • Addressed a problem where we were not getting the right number of busted stiff-arm tackles to activate
  • Addressed some sound and basic equilibrium problems

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Fixed a problem where every celebrity reward was given separately rather than joint
  • Fixed a problem where players couldn’t import their usual lineup when developing a Salary Cap Lineup
  • Fixed a problem to help balance the total amount of XP granted for Solo Challenges
  • Implemented the 80/20 object perspective when comparing players in the Lineup Screen
  • Different UI improvements to improve legibility of text

Franchise Upgrades:

  • Face of the Franchise Updates:
    • General stability enhancements
    • Fixed a problem with the Abilities Present, Wrecking Ball, and Brick Wall not advocating for customers
    • Fixed players appearing from generic white uniforms throughout a locker room sequences
  • Franchise Upgrades:
    • General stability enhancements
    • Updated Salaries display for your”Savings” and”Penalty” columns so that they no longer need the consumer to scroll into the rear of this list to look at
    • Upgraded Relocation text to St. Louis and Oakland to explain that users cannot alter branding when picking those cities: Selecting this city retains existing branding, such as uniforms, emblem, and nickname. There are not any re-brand choices within this place.
    • Fixed a problem with established draft course players not getting credit for Downs Played and showing their development attribute
    • Reduced the ratings increase for Wide Receivers that get the Heisman winner draft narrative

The Yard Updates:

  • Additional screen of Madden Rep and Cred on The Yard chief hub
  • Fixed a problem in which an Avatar wouldn’t stand in the Ideal place after a teammate disconnected
  • Fixed a problem in which an Avatar would exhibit a generic title following the user that possesses that avatar had disconnected from a match
  • Fixed a problem where after readying up, however before committing into the draft, in H2H events using a premade group, users could frequently see the”Finding Teammate” cartoon bestowed upon their teammates along with vacant slots
  • General online equilibrium enhancements

Demo Upgrades:

  • Bug fixes and Tuning for Audio Stadium SFX at San Francisco and Tampa Bay
  • Commentary tuning and colour commentary content included for Ravens/Chiefs/Cowboys/Colts/Titans
  • Updated Helmet positioning on multiple players that changed helmet fashions
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