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Maneater Evolution Levels: Everything You Need to Know

Maneater Evolution Levels Everything You Need to Know

Maneater Evolution Levels Everything You Need to Know

Maneater evolution levels help you master this new #shaRkPG | Tripwire Interactive LLC

Maneater evolution levels come in brackets that will assist you become king of the ocean.Maneater is a brand new single-player action”shaRkPG” sport from Tripwire Interactive in which you take on the use of one of the most fearsome monsters of the deep: a shark. From tiny puppy to apex predator, your aim is to eat everything in sight and grow to reach feats that even the mythical Jaws, himself, would bow down to.

As you grow, you’re evolve new abilities and looks that improve your abilities. Be careful, but for as your electricity expands so does the tale of your exploits.

Maneater Evolution Degrees.


Maneater currently has five brackets of levels for your own shark to grow and grow . You develop by gaining experience after chomping your way through prey, destroying fixtures which dare to enter your waters, and completing challenges and quests.

The maximum level you can achieve is 30. The level tiers–or ages–are structured as follows:

  • Pup at level 1
  • Teen at par 4
  • Adult at par 10
  • Elder at level 20
  • Mega at par 30

It’s essential to be aware that sometimes growth and evolution are tied to narrative development. Make sure you’ve completed all you want to in the current region to reach the second stage in your journey.

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