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Maneater Update Patch Notes Version 1.05

Maneater Update Patch Notes Version 1.05

Maneater Update Patch Notes Version 1.05

We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade.

Now’s patch just contains bug fixes and alterations.

All Utilities

  • Save Game
    • Added an error message in case a rescue game is now corrupt and corrupted (this message is going to appear in the primary menu that the player is going to be returned to whether the rescue is unusable. We’re continuing to look into just how this uncommon corruption could occur ). Those goals are eliminated from the prerequisites.
    • Located and fixed another instance in which the participant shark may revert to the Mother Nature
    • Fixed a state where the participant objective was finished but the reward item/evolution hadn’t been awarded (Example: shadow teeth development )
    • left a state in which a few narrator conversation and wouldn’t play and subtitles wouldn’t exhibit throughout the tutorial
    • Fixed a state where the goal icons could vanish from the overhead map
  • Quest, Prey and Bounty Hunters
    • Rebalanced the third Pete experience to make it even more challenging
    • Fixed humans being able to be caught from the bottom of a ship
  • Player Shark and Combative Wildlife
    • Located and fixed another instance in which the tiger shark skin may be eliminated and unevovled in the participant shark. It should now keep in mind the developed state.
    • Located and fixed another instance in which the participant shark may be hitting the water when quickly traveling leading to being trapped at the knifing place at the grotto
    • Fixed a camera”pop” which may happen when battling ships from the knifing place or at the atmosphere
  • Menu/UI/Settings
    • Updated Credits
    • Fixed a situation where harm numbers would appear in which the human was earlier they had been seized
    • Fixed a situation where editing the noise or gameplay configurations and then stopping the match could have these adjustments discarded
    • Fixed a Portuguese localization problem


  • Menu/UI/Settings
    • The sport will pause if the player strikes on the HOME button


  • Landmark and Collectables
    • Fixed a situation where participant completion was stuck in sub 100% narrative progress after getting into the”After Party”


  • Menu/UI/Settings
    • Fixed Ansel screenshot style not being usable following a Speedy travel
    • Fixed HUD components not disappearing when utilizing Ansel
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