Maneater Update Version 1.04 Patch Notes

Maneater Update Version Patch Notes

Maneater Update Version Patch Notes 1.04

Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver have released Upgrade 1.04 for Maneater.

The Maneater Update 1.04 is available for downloading. The update includes a new backup save system and several adjustments and bug fixes.

All Platforms

  • Save Game

    • Additional additional protection to keep save files from being overwritten
    • Additional additional protection into the rescue system to maintain saves from corrupting
  • Security and Environmental

    • Optimized ecological buildings
    • Optimization done to the map menu
    • Optimization and Fixes done to particles that were impacting functionality on most platforms
    • Fixed the big crashed tanker in the prologue having geometry with overlooking collision
    • Fixed a situation where landmark sound cues would not play
    • Fixed bridge geometry at Fawtick Bayou in which the participant shark could eventually be trapped
    • Fixed pontoon boat alongside Flamingo Joe’s with the wrong textures
    • Fixed several environmental crash problems
  • Landmark and Collectables

    • Retroactive fix for collectible and landmark goals that got ruined but nevertheless indicated you had to complete/find them. You will have to re-enter an area to activate this fix in every area. (NOTE: This does not fix quests that show as being completed or objectives fulfilled but the payoff wasn’t given. This is addressed in another update.)
  • Quest, Prey and Bounty Hunters

    • Balanced King Mackerel and Parrot Fish levels to give the same nutrition
    • Fixed quest flow so that it will not break if gamers refuse to consume Pete’s hand
    • Fixed a scenario in which infamy would not progress if players failed to equip sonar
    • Fixed a scenario in which the narrator would cut Pete taunting the shark
    • Fixed a situation where re-engaging bounty hunters after they’d lost the player Wouldn’t retrigger bounty hunter tide
    • Fixed several cinematic frame issues
    • Fixed a scenario where multiple objectives of the same type could be chosen for the waypoint
  • Player Shark and Combative Wildlife

    • Fixed a scenario where the player shark could revert to the prologue mommy shark
    • Fixed harpoons drifting Beyond the shark participant version without impaling it
    • Fixed a situation where the tiger shark skin could shed updates
    • Fixed a situation in which sharks that were knifing or over the surface and quickly traveled into some grotto would be from the knifing condition if they entered the grotto
    • Fixed a situation in which the biting participant shark would bump prey off rather than biting it
    • Fixed a scenario where combative AI fins and limbs could shake if the player shark came close
    • Fixed mum shark back of attention during a held sting, She’d prefer if you did not look that closely
  • Menu

    • Fixed loading display tips that had incorrect text
    • Upgraded credits


  • Fixed a controller disconnection which could result in a freeze/crash and corrupt save
  • Added further Dynamic Resolution alterations to enhance framerate


  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting the control or switching profile could result in the game going back to the main menu without saving
  • Fixed a problem which could cause some hardware to shutdown
  • Fixed trees popping up during the opening cinematic
  • Fixed a situation in which the main menu UI would not update if the participant signed to Xbox Live


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