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Marauders Fortnite Season 3 storyline connection revealed

Bizzle joins old teammates after split with Commandment and Clix

Marauders Fortnite Season 3 storyline connection revealed

Marauders must be among the worst sections of Fortnite Season 3 from a game standpoint. Most players despise them. They could totally ruin a solo match whilst squandering your tools in other game modes. Last weekwe covered why we believe they don’t have any place in aggressive Fortnite, irrespective of their consequences on the narrative.

Regardless of this, most players agree that Marauders must have something related to the Fortnite Chapter two narrative. They spawn from Rifts from the skies, that’s the first time that we have seen Rifts everywhere in Chapter two. To most, they look somewhat like the 2 equal of The Enforcers, that did not do much outside of invading the Motel at a loading screen.

Epic Games

The Rift is not the only distinctive item the Marauders have in their disposal. They are also the sole real source of Stink Bombs from the sport, which may be one reason which Epic maintain them in aggressive modes.

They, certainly, have a substantial part in the narrative — at leastwe expect. YouTuber TheSmithPlays created a movie that touched on the subject. In the movie, he covers the story of Drift and the way the alternate variations of the character stage to other lands.


In another movie, TheSmithPlays comes to the end which Battle Royale is a simulation game , owned and created by the figures in Save the World.

This is not just Epic reusing resources, but as they might have picked any skin that currently is present in the Battle Royale world class. It is unlikely this can be a coincidence.

TheSmithPlays presents two decisions in his movie: that these figures are trying to find the owner of the simulation or they are independent members of Save the Planet who came to Battle Royale following the apocolypse.

Both concepts are intriguing, and we would guess the former has a better prospect of coming true. At precisely the exact same time, we are likely to lean neither of those theories being just perfect. There are several missing bits that Epic still should provide us to allow us to know them better.

Hopefully, we will learn more about this Marauders at the conclusion of Fortnite Season 3. In the event the conclusion of Season 2 has been any indentation, however, we will simply be left with more questions than answers.

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