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Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes 1.08

Marvels Avengers Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes 1.08

Marvels Avengers Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes 1.08

Crystal Dynamics published a new hotfix update for Marvel’s Avengers. Below are the facts, the Entire patch notes for this particular September 24 upgrade

The Marvels Avengers Update 1.08 could be downloaded and set up today. The size of this download may fluctuate based upon the stage.

Different Reassemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative fixes, such as :

  • Different Crash & Stability fixes
  • Fixed a rare problem when picking”After an Avenger” inadvertently delivered the participant to the wrong assignment.
  • Fixed a problem keeping some assignment chains from finishing properly when all prerequisites are satisfied.Various battle fixes/tuning, such as :
    • Captain America can now smash doors. *
    • Fixed a problem where overcharge meters had been decreasing during a group finisher.
    • Improved responsiveness when entering flight out of leaping as Iron Man.
    • Improved responsiveness for mild air hammer strikes as Thor.
    • Increased reliability of Iron Man’s Thruster Uppercut.
    • Improved demonstration of Captain America’s functioning block. *
    • Tuned that the SPIN Keeper’s typical assault, decreased epic drain, and included an offscreen attack index. *
    • Additional new benchmark attack to Drone and Keeper.
    • Adjusted homing attack to occur less often. *
    • Adjusted homing projectile to be balanced. *

Adjusted quantum shard projectiles so they’re no more unblockable.


Different Gear, Challenges, & Reward fixes/tuning such as :

  • Addressed a problem where refreshing a lost weekly assignment would produce a crash. Weekly assignments should appear as planned. We have temporarily disabled refreshing pristine barriers; complete functionality will be restored in another upgrade.
  • Addressed a problem where Villain Sectors might not correctly refresh, which caused players to lose out on weekly wages.
  • Fixed further problems that prevented daily requisitions from draining as planned.
  • Declares players that the Iconic Iron Man outfit when they dropped it because of an outfit bug.
  • Fixed a busted Legendary reward which has been wrongly placed to Power Level 1.
  • Addressed problems with the way the Insurmountable perk has been applied to equipment drops.
  • Fixed a problem where some users wouldn’t be given any rewards upon finishing an Elite Heroic Hive run.
  • Guarded against a particular situation that induced Kamala to drop a skill point. We’re still exploring retroactive repairs.
  • Adjusted loot tables at Mega Hives to raise the chances additional loot is going to be given. Decision

PC certain Fixes:

  • Addressed a rare bug that leads to a participant’s Hero Level being flashed, usually after having a multiplayer relationship issue.
  • We’re in the final phases of testing the next attributes, and expect to have them rolled out at a near-term patch:
  • Subtitle Size Options*
  • High Contrast Mode
  • War Zone Ping System*
  • A toggle option for Hero icons to Stay constantly observable *
  • *Characteristics and tuning based on participant feedback
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