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Patch notes

Medieval Dynasty Hotfix Patch Notes Update

Medieval Dynasty Hotfix Patch Notes Update

Medieval Dynasty Hotfix Patch Notes Update

Another hotfix patch within two weeks. The programmers want to correct all of tiny bugs from the game when you can, therefore Render Cube has released a new upgrade for Medieval Dynasty.

The Medieval Dynasty Update is currently available for many PC players. The patch fixes a few bugs in the match, such as a bug with all the Little Garden pursuit.




  • Food Storages are currently in Field Technology and no more retrieves things from Building Technology.
  • Increased the construction positioning. Assembling closer into the water is currently possible.
  • Plant respawn obstructed in area regions is fixed.
  • Corrected info regarding seed incompatibility with time.
  • Displaying titles of interactive items in inspector manner is currently repaired.
  • Loading fields and their proper state in the savegame should work correctly.



  • The capacity to destroy a field using a hammer in devastation mode was added.
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