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Patch notes

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes Update

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes Update

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes Update

And here is another upgrade for Medieval Dynasty! We are going to show you all of the bug fixes below.

The Medieval Dynasty Update is currently available for downloading on Steam. The patch just includes bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Cave mining today raises the Extraction skill rather than the Crafting skill.
  • Eliminating tree stumps now functions using a scoop. Stumps should be gone indefinitely.
  • It’s not possible to destroy the fencing without any construction a minumum of one module. It’s now fixed.
  • NPCs was able to quit working in the area once the participant didn’t see them. They finally have a much better job expectancy.
  • When a flashlight burned out, it diminished the wellness of (an)other flashlight (es). This is fixed also.
  • Fixed the direction construction manufacturing list revealing less items a month than it created.
  • Quests in which you can deliver things in components and needed to deliver greater than 1 kind of thing should function properly now.
  • Fixed projectiles such as spears, arrows and bolts becoming stuck at the air after hitting a creature.


  • Added construct and ruin sounds.
  • Added the option to turn off mind bob — Additional optimizations to decrease motion sickness are work in progress.


  • The size of plants information in the rescue file was reduced.
  • Upgraded the”Digging with shovel” cartoon.
  • Removed crossbow as a product to send from Missing Bow pursuit. Just for new quests, present ones still need it.
  • More quests are created each season.
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