Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes Update

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes Update

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes Update

We are going to show you exactly what the programmers have enhanced and which bugs are repaired on October 14.

The upgrade includes improvements, updsates and small bug fixes.


  • New things are added to sellers.
  • Russian speech.
  • French speech.
  • Italian speech.
  • Portuguese speech.
  • Japanese speech.
  • Czech speech.
  • Turkish speech.
  • Indigenous language.
  • The capacity to control generation efficacy of fish, salted fish and dried fish at Fishing Hut.
  • The chance of producing salty meat and dried beef at a Hunting Lodge.
  • The capacity to restrain collection efficacy of clay, salt, stone and walnut in Excavation Shed.
  • The capacity to restrain collection efficacy of stone, iron and salt from Mine.
  • The capacity to control generation efficiency of beef, salted meat, dried beef, leather, feather, berry and mushrooms at Hunting Lodge.
  • The possibility of producing boards at a Woodshed.
  • The capacity to control generation efficacy of logs, sticks, soil and board in Woodshed.Fixed
  • Various pursuit fixes.
  • Knife place for female predators while trapping creatures.
  • Torch place for patrolling female NPCs.
  • Numerous repairs in refreshing the manufacturing status of things.
  • Common quests benefit after loading the match.
  • Coins have state other than 100 percent and do not stack.
  • Quest aim with assigning peasants to function does not upgrade on goal start.
  • Age upgrade for NPCs.
  • NPCs becoming stuck in sleeping or sitting conditions — should occur less frequently.
  • Cauldron crafting cartoons.
  • Stove Construction cartoon.
  • Player place when crafting at cooker.
  • Estimated amount of resources made by NPCs when more than 1 thing has been created.
  • Not many sellers had something to offer you.
  • Issue that enabled to cut trees quicker if Player was clicking fast and had reduced endurance.
  • Tutorial card about altering seasons shows on loading.
  • Accepting side pursuit of same kind that’s already in diary leads to pursuit from diary being substituted by the new one.
  • Field alters acceptation UI can not be”supported” with gamepad or keyboard.
  • Field control slot seeds do not upgrade after affirming changes.
  • Occasionally hunters teleported near the middle of map.
  • Issue where NPCs were not able to get near a workbenches.
  • Issue where man NPCs during Fall occasionally had no version as a result of invalid clothes ID.
  • Tech demands for your bucket — Altered 5000 points into 3500 points.
  • Issue that caused crash when lots of creatures which were surrounded by buildings attempted to flee from participant.
  • Quest purpose for flirting can not be achieved if participant already has a spouse.
  • NPCs can turn towards participant whilst sleeping or sitting.
  • Restoring the state of things in a torso when loading saved game.
  • Doubled strategy for producing Roasted Meat at a Tavern II.
  • Son does not come home following the”BOY” pursuit.
  • Hunting Lodge II needs a Construction technology Rather than Survival to be unlocked.
  • Restoring the default option keybinds does not work after restarting the match.
  • The amount of things occasionally displays fractional values from the transport / fall / window.
  • Things with no Freshness parameter do not show a cost throughout the trade.


  • Changed Night howl pursuit so that it consistently gives some gold for finishing it.
  • Pig and piglet sitting cartoons so they no longer stick from the pigsty.
  • Reduced intake of endurance when running.
  • Reduced consumption of endurance in inspector manner.
  • Vendors now have a random variety of things.
  • Resource and Food Storage capabilities are increased.
  • Hunting lodge creates random mushrooms based upon the season.
  • Gender particular dialogues. May not be applicable in most languages.
  • Generation’s”Work Power” slider for every profession in construction’s details in Management tab.
  • Generation of firewood in Woodshed absorbs logs.
  • Establish immortality for NPCs out of non-player villages — temporary.
  • Restored missing first NPCs in Condos villages — temporary.
  • Some construction modules have new source prices (demand planks). When there’s not anything in the torso, then they take it out of the Food Storage and Resource Storage.
  • Doubled the number of resources generating from farm animals by NPC.
  • Spears range decreased by 30%.
  • Crossbow range climbed x1.5 occasions.
  • Crossbow harm increased by 55 to 70.
  • Bow harm increased by 25 to 35.
  • Recurve Bow harm decreased from 50 to 45.
  • Longbow harm increased by 45 to 55.
  • Wooden Spear harm decreased from 25 to 15.
  • Stone Spear harm decreased from 50 to 30.
  • Iron Spear harm decreased from 75 to 50.
  • Wooden Spear durability was increased from 3 to 4 applications.
  • Stone Spear durability was increased from 6 to 8 applications.
  • Villagers consume food based on nutrient value. The higher nutrient value, the greater priority. In the event the nutritional value is exactly the same, food of lesser condition is preferred.
  • Wood worth is currently visible in item information.
  • Lowered Dynasty Reputation limitations for second inhabitants.
  • Clearing side quests which are finished or neglected after changing year.
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