Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes Update 1.05

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes Update 1.05

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes Update 1.05

Mojang Studios launched a new upgrade for Minecraft Dungeons today. We’ve got the entire patch notes to the September 8th.

You need to download 366 MB on the PS4, how big this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

  • A creeping winter is gradually taking over what it touches, and also the origin of its terrifying power is a powerful creature Called the Wretched Wraith
  • Take on three brand new assignments and confront new enemies like the Illusioner and Iceologer
  • Since you hunt down the source of corruption, you’ll find new armor, weapons, and artifacts Beneath the snow and sleet
  • Two player skins along with the Arctic Fox pet

New Attributes — Free For All players:

  • Daily Trials — Fresh challenges daily that make wild adjustments to the game mechanisms that offer experimental, difficult, or entertaining challenges for you to conquer and make strong rewards. You will find four new pieces of equipment to make, exclusive to Daily Trials! Learn more in the Daily Trials FAQ.
  • New camp retailers to rescue throughout assignments, like the Blacksmith to update equipment and the Present Wrapper to present items to other gamers
  • New weapons and armor exclusive to Daily Trials, along with two brand new artifacts and six fresh enchantments spread throughout the game. Buzz into battle utilizing new tools like the Beenest, the Beenest Armor, and also the Tumblebee enchantment!
  • Additional a Map Legend, revealing fresh rewards, secret places, and recorded retailers
  • New accomplishments and decorations to unlock for Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter
  • After losing a life, players are now given a package of arrows whenever they had less than a complete package
  • The sponsor of an Internet game can now click Personal Game so friends can not join unless they are invited
  • Balance Changes
    • Shortbow / Longbow / Bow: Improved ammo 50 percent
    • Cutlass: Altered assault combo in 4 to two strikes
    • Pickaxe: Altered attack combo to 1 assault
    • Daggers: Improved dagger attack vary by 25 percent
  • Battlestaff currently drops in Lower Temple
  • Light Feather now causes all rolling enchantments
  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed many crashes which happened during gameplay across all platforms
    • Fixed the match freezing after tripping Flaming Quiver, Fireworks Arrow, also Torment Quiver in Precisely the Same time on Nintendo Switch
  • General
    • Made heaps of repairs and improvements to Text-to-Speech through the sport
    • Fixed players getting disconnected from a session when the bunch experienced reduced FPS throughout the loading screen
  • Gameplay
    • The Corrupted Cauldron can no more be insta-killed
    • Fixed players using no arrows and health potion not functioning if becoming disconnected from a match during load display, then reconnecting
    • Utilizing soul related objects while sporting soul associated equipment no longer contributes to the participant becoming propelled into the atmosphere (MCD-1810)
    • Fixes to stock salvage issues
    • Fall harm has transformed to percent of wellbeing, Irrespective of armor worn
  • Graphical
    • Fixed the gates flickering down Overgrown Temple
    • Fixed the end cinematic getting choppy through online multiplayer
  • Sound
    • Upgraded lobby torso close audio to better match close activity
    • Fixed missing noise when pressing the Previous button at the mystery onto Dingy Jungle
    • Fixed background audio randomly quitting on Lower Temple
    • Redstone Golem mines no more create sound when Master Volume is set to 0 percent
    • Frozen cinematic voiceover language not shifting after the machine’s favorite language is altered
    • Fixed menu noise effects not enjoying when picking Threat Level VII
  • User Interface
    • Fixed the control detach prompt not evaporating after reconnecting a control (MCD-1584)
    • Fixed the doorway in the conclusion of Dingy Jungle prompting”Traveling” rather than”Exit”
    • Fixed a rare problem that revealed an erroneous’P0′ index on the Mission Select screen in multiplayer, inducing input problems
    • Fixed the snowy backdrop appearing temporarily during rewards display after opening the torso
    • Panda Plateau today reveals the appropriate loading screen for concealed missions
    • Additional a rotation icon cartoon into the Microsoft account sign in display
    • Modified the teleport menu so It Is Going to shut if a button has been pressed that is not bound to a Particular target participant

Xbox One Headline:

  • Improved name equilibrium after being disconnected from Xbox Live
  • Fixed a crash which happened when the busy profile signed out throughout the assignment victory countdown display
  • Fixed a crash which happened when registering from the busy profile whilst watching the Mission Select screen in the Circle
  • After restarting by a suspended state about the Start Screen, the name no longer wrongly shows a’User signed out’ message
  • Fixed players being Not Able to accept friends’ invitations after restarting the match from suspension while it had been suspended and launched from offline mode
  • Fixed the game crashing after leaving a game session with a secondary profile following initially disconnecting and reconnecting the control

Nintendo Switch Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when pressing on the Available now button for Jungle Awakens with guest control
  • Frozen news not emerging if not logged to a Microsoft accounts

PlayStation 4 Fixing:

  • Fixed players invited to an Internet session by somebody Aside from the host not getting the invitation

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