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Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Patch Notes 1.4.70


Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Patch Notes 1.4.70

match, given his dominance in the late match. From there, we chose to decrease the crit chance on his passive once more, so that he farms fairly slower.

Cloud Walker: Crit Chance diminished to 15%.

Defiant Sword: Just restores HP 1 moment on multiple-target hit.


Black Shoes: Cooldown reduced from 50-40s to 45-355.

Cometic Lance: No more raises her motion speed.


Penalty Zone. Slow Effect corrected from 20% at all levels to 20%/25%/30%.

Optimized the ability animation.

Heartguard: Fixed the issue which the shield does not benefit from Complete Magic Power


Burst Fireball: Fundamental Damage of explosion upon enemy struck decreased from 260-410 to 235-410. Explosion damage adjusted accordingly.

Wild Power: Basic Damage of this enhanced Basic Attack increased from 40 to 60.


Starmoon Shockwave: Total Magic Power bonus increased from 80% to 120 percent.

Abyssal Trap: Fundamental Damage decreased from 400 to 350. Soul Eater: Fundamental Damage decreased from 350 to 300.

Blazing Duet: Basic Damage decreased by 10 at all levels.

Reconstructed Skill Indicator.

Optimized the skill animation of Gusion and Uranus.

Battlefield Adjustments

In recent seasons, we’ve noticed that players are focusing increasingly more on the early game, and the intensity of conflicts just keeps on climbing. This is what we would love to see. However, what we’ve also noticed is that it is not rewarding enough for the group that is behind to select a core hero on the other side, maybe even after implementing some brilliant staff fight combos. We introduced a new mechanism within this upgrade to make the comebacks more likely to happen.

Obviously, as mentioned previously, we nevertheless encourage players to play aggressively and try to gain a decent lead in the early game. We will be watching closely on how this turns out, and deciding further optimization steps.

1. Newly added: After the negative with a group gold drawback eliminates an enemy Hero with a gold lead, everyone on the side will currently get elimination gold bonus dependent on the gold difference between the enemy Hero and the typical among the 5 of side that is behind.

2. Fixed the issue that Healing Increase/Reduction does not work on some abilities.

3. Custom Made Assassin Emblem, the Bounty Hunter: Removed the bonus gold after killing a hero. Now gains additional gold equates to 40% of the elimination bonus.

4. Enriched the”Suppress” effect, today it can be inflicted to goals which immune to CC properly.

5. Optimized the activity logic of Luminous Lord and Minions, now they will automatically return to the lane once they’re dragged too far away.

6. Core Guard

B. Physical Attack Bonus of Assassin/Fighter/Tank diminished from 50 percent to 40%.

7. Basic EXP of the Siege Minion of their first 2 waves improved by 10 percent.


1. Necklace of Durance

We’ve fixed the issue that curing reduction effect doesn’t work against ability lifesteal and magic lifesteal. To avoid a number of the gear items with this particular effect getting too strong, we decided to make adjustments in advance.

Complete price decreased by 100. Craft cost adjusted accordingly.

B. Magic Power decreased from 65 to 60. Cooldown Reduction decreased from 10% to 5%.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

Unique Passive — Devour: Physical Lifesteal gain from every simple Attack decreased from 4% to 3%.

3. Roaming Gear Items

The objective of the drifting gear items would be to assist roaming heroes so that they don’t fall too far behind on level and gold. However, the situation for the time being is pretty much all personalities are buying these items to boost their farm. To be able to change that, we removed the constant bonus and left just the catch up effect for if you fall behind. Meanwhile, we lowered the price of advanced drifting gear items so they become a much better bargain. We will be seeing this adjustment closely after it is live. Moreover, we have already intended to improve the farming efficiency of some tank/fighter personalities, so that they can come on line faster, even without needing to rely on the preceding roaming equipment items.

A. Roaming gear, Unique Passive — Devotion: Removed the consequence of getting 2 Gold and EXP each 4s.

B. Total price of 3 innovative Roaming Equipment decreased by 150, craft cost adjusted accordingly.

C. Total cost of Iron Mask decreased by 100, craft cost adjusted accordingly.


Flameshot: Close range harm decreased by 400+100% Magic Power bonus to 160+40percent Magic Power bonus. Long range damage stays unchanged.

Flameshot appears to be too nicely rounded in current meta, especially some melee, heroes can make the most of this knock back effect to finish their attack combos. Thus, we adjusted the near range damage and long range slow, so that players will have to make a choice between control and damage.

New Events & Features

1.515 eParty

A. Party Square opens on April 25. Players can amass Party Tickets and swap for excellent rewards.

B. From April 25 to May 1, log in and receive starlight points and starlight trial cards.

C. By April 25 to May 2, make sure to log in as massive 515 Party Tickets expects!

D. From May 2 to May 16, benefits from previous 515 e Parties return! Partake in the 515 Wishing Wall and make a wish with Party Tickets. Log in on May 16 and make your dream come true.

E. Log on May 9 and claim for Free 2000 Party Tickets.

F. Log in on May 16 and maintain new Hero — Luo Yi.

G. Log in on May 15 and get Complimentary 515 exclusive Achievement

i. On May 23. Free access to All Of Heroes.

2. From May 23 to June 14, partake in Nostalgia Special Party, classic Basic Skins awaits! 2. Lesley’s Legendary Skin”Angelic Agent” is coming back. Get an Early Access today!


A. Pre-order now and log in on the event day to acquire Legend Encore Tokens at no cost!

B. Perform brings during the occasion and receive an opportunity to win rare skins from the prizepool.

c. The first two draws daily are discounted.

D. Duplicate skins obtained from this event will be turned into Skin Fragments accordingly.

e. When the event ends, fresh Legend Encore Tokens will be removed. Please make sure to use them until they perish.

3. New attribute”Pre-invite”

a. The group leader can pre-invite a player who is battling in a game.

b. If the player accepts this pre-invitation, they could join the team lobby directly after their game is finished. In the battlefields, you simply can obtain the pre-invitation two times, and you may only accept the pre-invitation of 1 player.

c. In case the pre-invitation is approved, the team leader can start to queue only following this player enters the lobby. (The group leader can remove the pre-invited teammates)

D. Pre-invite attribute is currently only available in Classic/Ranked/Brawi mode.

4. New feature”Team Channel”

A. Players may tap Team Channels in Chat to combine others Classic/Ranked/Brawl teams fast

B. Recruit attribute is newly added to the group lobby. Gamers in a team can send their team to converse by one tap and recruit others to join.

5. Team Treasure Hunt

A. Players can boost team Electricity by teaming up.

B. Chests unlock at particular group Power levels. Advanced Skins could be found in these chests.

C. A permanent Skin is guaranteed upon attaining the maximum Electricity level!

D. Check in-game instructions for more details.

6. Newly added: Achievement:”515 For Only YOU and ME”.

7. Added a Collection of Free limited-time Avatars and Avatar Borders. Players can test them out in Change Avatar/Avatar Border tab.

1. Squad

A. Added 6 Titles:”Greatest Tank”. “Greatest Fighter”,”Best Assassin”,”Best Mage”,”Best Marksman”,”Best Support” for team gamers with the best functionality in the corresponding role.

b. Added Squad Profile. Players may now check out squads that you’re interested, in via this new function. Additionally, Squad Statistics tab is added into the Squad main page. Squad members can now have a look at their squad data in the tab.

2. Chat

A. Additional real-time chat observation in the battlefield. Serious violation with inappropriate conversing behaviour will bring about an accounts Mute and deduction of Credit Score.

B. Players reported for inappropriate conversing behaviour will receive more serious punishment as Credit score deduction and Mute is going to be applied to their account.

3. AFK: The ban will be instantly lifted as soon as your appeal is successful.

4. MCL

a. The Western Expanse is disabled in this mode. The map will be put to The Celestial Palace once you pick The Western Expanse.

B. Live flow and replay are allowed in this mode. Whenever there’s a game happening, players may see MCL live streams from the Live tab. Interesting matches will be recorded, players may have a look at replays in case they missed out on the live stream.

c. Now partake in MCL for the first time charges no entrance ticket.

D. Additional MCL Month Pass and Season Pass, which grants unlimited MCL entrances during its valid period. Save big with this great opportunity.

E. Reassigned default match servers, which means that players can get a better experience.

F. 515 Logos are added to major MCL interfaces.

5. Optimization on development of Hero Power and Street Power

A. Hero Power and Street Power are influenced by match time. It won’t be counted if the game time is too brief.

b. If your Hero Power is at a low level, additional bonus will be awarded following Ranked match. The greater your Rank is, the more extra Hero Power you get.

C. A Hero Power progress cap is added for players in Legend Rank or lower.

D. for people who keep fitting against same opponents purposely in a short time, a lock will be issued on your account which keeps you from getting Hero Power and Street Power until it’s lifted.

6. Coaching: Additional a 0 defense object for damage testing.

7. Battlefield System Optimization

A Optimized the visual effect when”attack turret” button is available

B. Hero Ability Specialty Tag: Now is constantly shown until the expert is attained for the Hero’s Mastery level

8. You will receive skill upgrade recommendations in the battlefield while”Auto Upgrade” is turned off in”Settings”

9. You can now change the font size of text from skill display screen. Associated settings can be changed in Putting -> Interface -> Ability Demo


11. A highlighted glowing effect on the EXP pub was added to the Post-game Screen when you level up.

12. Optimized the visual impact for branch calculating display in ranked mode.

13. When Rapid Chat is sent during a struggle, a circle indicator was inserted on the Map.

14. A poor credit Score indication was added to the Fight planning lobby.

15. Optimized revealing of some mails regarding”Match Environment Notification”

16. Additional skill type and much more in depth skill introduction out of the battle in order to help players understand the game mechanics.

17. Optimized feature display for a few Energy-or Rage-based heroes.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the icon display error for Mythic Rank on the”Recent Player” listing

2. Arabic Adaptation: Fixed some garbled text in some interfaces, players need to install the latest version of the game for all these fixes to be effective. Optimization is ongoing in order to provide our Arabic players better expertise.

3. Fixed the bug that the tutorial for”Battlefield Overview” and”Select Lane” may show up in the same moment.

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