Modern Warfare Patch Notes Update 1.23

Modern Warfare Patch Notes Update 1.23

Modern Warfare Patch Notes Update 1.23

Infinity Ward has introduced the patch notes to your Modern Warfare Reloaded Update. Below are the full details of this June 30 upgrade.

With this particular patch, PS4 and Xbox One gamers need to download an extra 3.5 GB information bundle.

With the current update, there are a few weapons updated, for instance, grey assault rifle will drop space. The brand new multiplayer map Cheshire Park, the weapon Rytec AMR and Warzone is going to be accessible for 200 gamers .


  • New Gulag firearms! Semi auto rifles, snipers, and a single”only fists and a throwing knife” loadout!
  • Repair for a problem where players can change firearms with attachments from some other weapons when utilizing a mouse
  • Fixed the wording from the Daily Challenge”Deploy the Manual Turret Killstreak 5 Times” to state”Shield Turret”
  • Multiplayer and Warzone win/losses now monitor as planned each style
  • Improved stability for PC gamers
  • Repair for Kreuger’s eyes coming from his personality version whilst acting the Brassed Off implementation
  • Repair for a few Completionist camos not implementing to the Witching Hour (AX-50 version )
  • Fixed an exploit Krovnik Farmland while enjoying Reinfected Ground War
  • Fixed a bug in which the MIL-SIM CTSFO viewmodel gloves did not suit the in-game globe version
  • Repair for a part of Hardhat that’d imperceptible collision
  • Fix for a bug in which Demolition suits wouldn’t end as supposed in overtime
  • Additional the Kali Sticks to manners such as All or Nothing, Gun Sport, Infected, and Gunfight
  • Longshots now exhibit the space in the stage feed
  • Fixed a bug in which the Juggernaut HUD components would stay on the display when the player has been crushed by a cage
  • Fixed a problem where the participant might get stuck in position when throwing a grenade and seeking to utilize a Shield Turret in precisely the exact same time
  • When a player throws a Molotov in a badly damaged Deployable Cover, the Deployable Cover will crack along with the Molotov fire will evaporate, but harm for the flame stays present for a length of ~20 minutes. This was repaired
  • Recon Drones can currently be ruined with Throwing Knives

Hipfire reticles are now observable in Spectate and at the Killcam.


  • Repair for an entry in Boneyard where gamers can climb to the ruined part of a plane
  • Gas Mask now fractures when you are taking damage near or at the group
  • ‘Team Wiped’ message now seems from the Killfeed to your entire squad to watch
  • Repair for a problem where players can spawn under the map after winning their Gulag game
  • Fixed a bug where gamers utilizing Charly’s Tactical Human skin or Mara’s Valkryie skin will detect their personality versions overlooking from the exfil epilogue from the helicopter
  • The sound to its Supply Choppers is overly loud, preventing players from hearing many other noises and communication with their own squad. This was corrected
  • Throughout the Supply Chopper occasion the distribution choppers may stem from beneath the map, killing players placed on top of those locations since they increased throughout the map. It was fixed
  • Repair for the Last circle being overly close over regions that players Cannot get like the middle of Arena
  • The After Action Report currently reveals Money Earned and Placement
  • Repair to get a rare bug in which a participant passed from bounds following dying out of boundaries
  • Repair for a minor problem in which the radio operator conversation and subtitles so-called in Killstreaks could erroneously play the Incorrect faction
  • Now let up to 3 Precision Airstrikes to be called in at once but in a space limitation
  • The M4 can execute an AR magazine reload when trying to reload the underbarrel launcher at the same time you’ve got the 50 Round Mag attachment outfitted. This was repaired
  • Stopping Power has become employed to headshots. Only specific weapons can go out of a 2-shot into a 1-shot mind shot, such as the FAL and Oden.
  • Improved the effectiveness of this Decoy Grenade against many Kinds of enemy soldiers
  • Operation Harbinger — Fixed issue in which some of the trucks could seem with no enemies inside of these
  • In the Weapons Store the weapons with bought Gunsmith attachments are now exhibited clearly
  • The Purchase Phase timer today pulses reddish when intending to run outside to help remind gamers of the upcoming wave
  • Fixed issue in which the text conversation was overlapping some Purchase Stage store components
  • Fixed problem where players can buy weapons from the shop as they are being downed
  • Fixed problem where players voted to’Retry’ after neglecting past wave 55 They’d Begin each Purchase Stage with decreased period
  • Fixed a rare problem where gamers may use Munitions / Killstreaks in while downed
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