Modern Warfare Season 4 Roadmap and Trailer

Modern Warfare Season 4 Roadmap and Trailer

Earlier (super sooner, actually ) now, Infinity Ward introduced the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 spot that introduced in fresh weapons, gameplay changes and much more. If that is not enough, the studio has now revealed the Modern Warfare Season 4 roadmap too.

Much like in previous seasons, players can expect a staggered release of fresh content throughout the entirety of this year.

Along with this, the Modern Warfare Season 4 preview was published, and it showcases Captain Price!


Besides the brand new content, we are anticipating a couple of stealth alterations were made to Modern Warfare multiplayer or Call of Duty: Warzone because this has become the standard for Infinity Ward since the game has been released. After we know of those undocumented modifications, we will let our readers know ASAP.

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