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Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Review

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Review

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Review

I had high praise for Mortal Kombat 11 when it initially released a year ago. It was truly a great game that also followed the traditional post-launch aid of other fighting games with DLC characters. So when NetherRealms announced that Aftermath would comprise not just new characters but also a followup to the first campaign, I just had to play it for myself.

Reviewer note — We did not incorporate the free update that launched the exact same day in this review, considering that it is free for everyone who owns a copy of Mortal Kombat 11. This review will solely be focused on the content contained in the Aftermath expansion.

Time ̶C̶o̶p̶ Fighters

The story of Aftermath picks up right where Mortal Kombat 11 finished, with Fire God Liu Kang planning to restart the current timeline. As he begins the procedure, he’s unexpectedly interrupted by a menacing foe from his past, Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung, who is additionally accompanied by Nightwolf and Fujin, warns Liu Kang that when he proceeds, then he’ll inadvertently end every realm in existence. Of course, being Shang Tsung, Lui Kang, as well as also the now-mortal Raiden are reluctant to hear, though their allies, Nightwolf and Fujin quickly convince them. Kronica being ruined in the present timeline, Shang Tsung devises a plan at which he, Nightwolf, and Fujin are sent back in time it so that they might save the future from its inevitable destruction.

All of this is told in the form of some rather lengthy cutscenes, but they will well worth the opinion as they provide possibly the show finest in regards to fighting choreography. Severely underdeveloped characters (Shao Kahn, Sheeva) at the first now has a huge spotlight, along with others that were introduced as DLC (except guests) have been brought into the main narrative of Mortal Kombat 11. All the stops have been pulled with this DLC since it climbs on the present lore of Mortal Kombat, while also re-writing some of the old things for some nice twists. Without denying it, let us just say that for those who have been disappointed with the way the original concluded, you will be pleased to know that the narrative of Aftermath tidies up everything to get a more certain ending. It’ll leave off things on a high note which should provoke fans for the future of the sequence.

Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me!

Like most past DLC characters, the new ones in Aftermath are uniquely designed with distinct fighting styles, movement collections, fatalities, and a huge assortment of makeup. The gameplay of both Sheeva and Fujin strikes with familiarity as many of the moves have been in previous iterations. This isn’t to mention that in such a negative way as lovers will feel right at home with them, while enjoying the benefits of improved battle that MK11 introduced. Whether they become high tier personalities is yet to be seen, though in my time with them I am judging they will fit right in the middle somewhere.


As for RoboCopas much as a shock as it had been to see him look as a guest character, I was not particularly joyful with how clunky he felt. I guess it’d be erroneous to say he must play otherwise, since considering in the films he’s in, he’s fairly clunky. However, I did have some fun with RoboCop and even must have that fantasy game of RoboCop vs The Terminator.  I can not say I was frustrated in the end with the character choices as they play well once mastered. As stated before, they’re also packed with lots of new gear and cosmetics, that should keep players very busy. There are a few surprises in there too for those who read up in their lore, though I won’t spoil anything there.

I’d Purchase That for $40?

So let us talk about that price . Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath prices $40, it comprises three fighters, a new principal effort, and promises three new skin pack that will launch over time with the first at launching. Debatably it does not seem like much, but if you consider that the Kombat Pass costs $60 for six characters/skins, the cost does seem to make sense. With it including half the skins and characters packs as a normal Kombat Pass, it would be reasonable to presume that alone would be a $30 value, leaving the effort to become $10, so the pricing fits with what they’d have typically charged. Just some information to consider, but honestly, if you are a big MK enthusiast, the effort alone isn’t something that you wish to overlook, and for the thing, the new fighters included. When it’s worthwhile or not is entirely up to you, but for this reviewer, I had been pretty happy with the content I got in the growth, more tha.

Aftermath feels like the proper sort of DLC that Mortal Kombat should be getting. Not only does this kind of release cater to people desiring new fighters, but it’s an excellent chance for the studio to enlarge on the ever-growing lore of Mortal Kombat. I strongly recommend Aftermath for anybody looking for more Mortal Kombat, trust me that you won’t be let down. If the purchase price is an issue, then I suggest you hold off for a sale naturally, though I think it’s more than warranted with the content contained.


  • An enlarged story told in superbly done cinematics
  • Plenty of content, outside of having to Await skin packs, everything is available in the get-go
  • Contained fighters are enjoyable to utilize


  • None
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