Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Update 1.5.3 Patch Notes

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Update 1.5.3 Patch Notes

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Update 1.5.3 Patch Notes

Below are the complete patch notes for this particular October 19 upgrade.

Normally the upgrade is automatically loaded through the Steam Luncher.

Past Beta Hotfixes:


  • Added missing loading displays for Multiplayer maps.Crashes
    • Fixed a crash which happened after inputting a smithy in almost any city.
    • Fixed a crash which happened from the stock whilst transferring things with the drag purpose.
    • Fixed a crash which happened when players defeated among those Scout Enemy Garrison Quest Settlements while getting the pursuit active.
    • Fixed a crash which happened when departing a kingdom in a siege occasion.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when players attempted to turn into a vassal while they had been at a military.
    • Fixed a hideout crash which happened when players assaulted an empty hideout. It should no more be possible to strike bare hideouts now.
    • Fixed a crash which happened when peace was announced during simulations.
    • Fixed a crash which happened as a result of principal narrative mentor characters perishing.
    • Fixed a crash which happened following the rival gang leader pursuit assignment.
    • Fixed a crash which happened after union barter in the event the union partner was in a military.
    • Fixed a crash which happened in the”Locate hideout” main narrative pursuit.
    • Fixed a crash which happened when the participant died.
    • Fixed a crash which happened in some rescue files when assaulting a neutral party and beginning a war with their faction.
    • Fixed crashes/bugs that happened when a non-player hero died in conflict and bugs associated with his/her disbanding celebration.
    • Fixed a crash which happened during passive use of weapons (sofa lancing & Twist bracing).
    • Fixed a crash which happened on account of this brother character not looking after load & save.
    • Fixed the problem”Could Not Create Save info” for gamers using Unicode PC username.
    • All of deleted/removed/changed things from .xml’s will end up”Trash” items. (Some older saves that utilized crafting were crashing since they attempted to load deleted products. This should be solved now.)


  • Chinese localisation upgrades.



  • Different visual bug fixes some scenes.
  • Additional new workshop wall spectacle props.
  • Upgraded cloth patterns and a few net details for 2 Battanian chainmail armours.
  • Improvements on many Empire construction versions.



  • Fixed a problem in the military management display that happened while closing the popup when the participant’s influence was under 0.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the nameplate of the chief celebration to not look when beginning a new effort.
  • Fixed a bug which crashed the game once the player moved troops to habit formations in conflict and subsequently gave formation orders.
  • A slight position calculation mistake in the creation AI has been mended.
  • Cavalry planning had any mistakes on hills, which led to cavalry not hitting on the enemy in any way.
  • Fixed attacker’s formation and border problems on sturgia_town_b.
  • Fixed certain weapons which were stuck into dead representatives and were randomly evaporating.
  • Fixed a problem with passing camera in conflicts.
  • Additional 18 combat-related archery ability perks. This finishes the archery ability perk tree.
  • Additional 19 combat-related crossbow ability perks. This finishes the crossbow skill perk shrub.
  • Additional stewardship experience benefit for heroes which were delegated as governors.
  • Launch Face Generator display with’V’ is re-enabled at the primary map. However, the beard and hair choices are confined to some straightforward ones. To get haircuts, the Barber NPC could be seen at any city center.
  • Fixed a bug that led to a change of this epic perk under Smithing.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled union to be suggested for dead personalities.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered recently assigned governors not to to appear from the settlement menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused prisoners to become impartial yet stay captive in certain scenarios following the AI that surrounded a castle which held the offenders made peace with the proprietor.

Settlement Tasks (City, Village, Castle and Hideout)

  • Fixed a bug that led to settlement tooltips to show the amount of ransomed offenders incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong menu to look after the participant selected an aggressive activity from the dialogue with a military member.


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the bandit celebration in a caravan ambush quest to remain stationary after a conflict.
  • Disabled Prospect of perishing for Radagos and brother. Additional a 30 years period limitation to the initial stage of the narrative.
  • Fixed a bug in which Radagos’ hideout was not able to be created correctly.
  • Fixed issues that caused Radagos to become lifeless from his hideout or alternative bandit supervisors to appear.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the participant’s passing to cancel the Neretzes’ Folly pursuit.
  • Additional scaling influence prices for its Lord Solutions of those quests”Lady’s Knight Out”,”Overpriced Raw Materials” and”Extortion with a Robber Knight”.
  • Some conversation and text developments for”Army Requires Gear” Entry.
  • When a participant is waiting within the”Army of Poachers” pursuit settlement, then the pursuit menu will be opened automatically after poachers arrive in the village.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the”induce the Herd” pursuit to eventually become impossible to finish.


  • Added several new dialogues and remarks for guards and other NPCs.
  • When a participant is waiting in a village and the village becomes raided by somebody, the participant will be led into an experience menu that permits them to combine the raid — by assisting the village or assisting the attackers.


  • There has been a visual insect showing butter inventories as inaccessible while gamers were inside settlements. Steak is once again permitted inside towns.
  • Rhomphalias currently utilize”Bent Razor Head” as his or her own blade.
  • Khan’s Guard units now have an extra set of arrows rather than their one-handed mace.
  • Ridged Short Gladius Blade (Battania_blade_2) can’t be utilized as a two-handed sword . The blade was too brief as its name suggests.
  • Blunt Arrows suffer from inconsistent damage. It will not be possible to buy them for now. Battanian Oathsworn and Picked Warrior would be the troops using this attribute. Spear Guards using Dismount attribute are: Dual Huge Hooks With Fur Covering, Dual Hooks, Weighted Long Thorns, Singular Hook Wing, Dual Hook Wings and Dual Thorn Wings.
  • Now you can utilize new personalities for custom conflicts. Heroes with sofa lances, longbows and much more are available to your custom struggles.
  • Disabled injured character cartoons in inappropriate conditions.
  • Additional cheat controls to alter settlement loyalty, protection, militia and wealth.
  • When entering a village, your companions today utilize battle outfits rather than civilian outfits.
  • Improved crash logging to your ditch system.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some settlements’ safety worth to be NaN.
  • Lords hall personality representative spawning algorithm enhancements. The settlement’s proprietor will spawn on the throne however in the event the kingdom’s ruler is within the settlement, then the ruler will reevaluate it.Layout & Balance
    • Fixed a bug in which inaccuracy to get shooting/throwing was not implemented on horseback.

    Map Connected

  • The air was transformed because it had been difficult to see Aserai troops around the scene.
  • Bug fixes for math difficulties and issues with getting trapped.
  • Echerion:
  • Blocked the gallery (although not staircase ) of flag C.
  • Additional railings to staircase at C to signify where they may be jumped away from.
  • Made staircase quicker to traverse for cavalry and infantry.
  • Some little detail work.
  • Moved plenty of defender spawns.
  • Added some fresh destructible wooden constructions.
  • Made a number of the recent structures destructible.
  • Adjustments to light.
  • Some detail work (replaced older trees, enhanced terrain for non settings, physics repairs etc.).

Other — Enormous

  • Fixed some troops seeming too outdated.
  • Automobile team choice button will set the player to the group with a very low number of players.

The two


  • Fixed a crash which happened after altering the graphics settings.


  • Missing camel rider dropping cartoons included.



  • Fixed a bug which stopped variety indexes on siege weapons out of moving.


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