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As a new upgrade in GTAV they’re taking the biking to another level as we know we only used to buy motorcycles or sneak them and keep it in our garages. Due to the brand new update, there’ll be new options such as linking bicycle gangs any time. It’ll be in teams of 8 and every class will have leaders who will lead their bike gangs. And recruit and move up gang members in the hierarchy of this club. Like presidents of those gangs have the power to promote members to Vice president, road captain, sergeant at arms, and the enforcer. Each function has its own abilities. For instance decreasing body armor to calling hit squads to setting riding formations and starting challenges one of the other gangs. That is a neat prospect to have fun even more in the GTAV world.


Your group house AKA clubhouse is the middle of operations. You are able to choose from the 12 available locations, and make your purchase through the newest Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Thanks to this upgrade each gang home comes complete with its own bar, and fresh and exciting activities like Darts and Arm Wrestling, different murals. So more advanced bikes better looking bicycles and much more is anticipating anyone and everyone to take the gaming to the next level.

In addition, the gang homes include a meeting room in which the president can use the ” Contracts Wall to launch new Clubhouse Rewards — a range of new Freemode missions for you and your MC members to earn some tidy GTA$ and RP by means of a range of noble deeds” (out of GTAV official website). Also gangs will operate against one another to acquire more dough in the end of the day.


There’s more to this update than anyone expected for there will be a new online company opened for bike gangs where they could trade goods and make even more money. This is going to be a great way to make money from the missions which you make and invest in the bike community and make even more money. But be careful and invest your money efficiently or you may lose all of it.


There will be 13 new vehicles added to the listing. The list goes from game bikes to choppers giving a brand new complete set of bicycles to personalize and be unique in your own bike gang. Would not u want to roll along with your hommies with sick ass bikes. And perform they see me rollin and they hatin. “From the slick, neon-accentedNightblade and the charismatic, three-wheeled Chimera, into the classic, rusted lines of the Rat Motorcycle , you will find choices for every kind of rider accessible at Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Legendary Motorsports.” (from GTAV official site )



“Whatever sort of gang you roll with, there’s an extensive wardrobe of new styles to represent your affiliation including a vast array of Jackets, Cuts, Helmets, and of course lots of leathers and lace to pick from. Complement and trimming your Bikers look with a selection of new Hairstyles and Tattoos.” To create a more unique than many others.

There’ll be a variety of emblems to choose from so your crew will be known more by their motorcycles and can spread the anxiety among other civilians along with other gtav bike gangs.

Since there are bicycle gangs today the GTAV community made a decision to add the new slipstream mode with each gang when they race. They can race teams and kick the other gangs off their bicycles while riding and maintain the victory. Each success includes tons of RP and GTAV cash.


Perform GTA Online this week and then unlock the crisp white Western Logo Tee and Nagasaki Hoodie, free in any clothing store. And for collectors, get the Western Logo Tee if you pick up the new Western Nightblade. Keep your MC armed and loaded with reductions on Body Armor and Ammo — and then pack an extra punch with 25 percent off high-capacity Drum and Box Magazines. Or increase your MC’s flair with reductions on Weapon Tints.” (gtav website) Cool that they are giving away bonus stuff out with this weekend.

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