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New Car release date points to Fortnite Season 3 extension


New Car release date points to Fortnite Season 3 extension

For the time being, Fortnite Season 3 is set to operate until August 27, setting it directly in line with the majority of the other seasons out of Chapter 1. Chapter 2 has seasons which are twice as long, however, meaning that many players would not be amazed to watch Season 3 extended to September.

We do not know anything for certain, but we have had this feeling as Season 3 came out. Immediately, info miners noticed there is yet another week’s worth of battles in the sport files than you will find scheduled weeks in this season.

Most gamers expected to find automobiles come to Fortnite at v13.30, which introduced this week. Rather, Epic trolled us removing each the automobiles around the Fortnite map. Initially, we assumed this was a means to integrate cars to the lore. We are going to be driving the cars which have been on the map since Season 1, therefore the Fortnite insurance provider should fix them up until we could drive them.


On July 23, Fortnite set a tweet out which points into a couple things. To begin with, it makes us believe that there is some kind of problem with the automobiles which were slated to hit on the match to the 21. Secondly, it points to Season 3 being prolonged for two weeks — in our view.

The installation can be dismissed, as the true message is in the base:”Expect a couple of weeks until we are road prepared.”

Two weeks from now is August 6. That is just 3 weeks from the scheduled ending to Season 3. Can Epic actually add a heart mechanic, like automobiles, so near the end of the season? Introducing them 8 from 12 seems fairly late.

We are imagining that Fortnite Season 3 will continue at least 2 weeks more than scheduled — and that is being optimistic. In fact, we can observe this year extended an additional month. We expect that we are dead wrong about that, however, the current history, news, and flows all point to the identical matter: a Season 3 expansion.

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