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New Crash Pad strategies make it a must-have in competitive Fortnite

New Crash Pad strategies make it a must have in competitive Fortnite

New Crash Pad strategies make it a must have in competitive Fortnite

Crash Pads was among the only real things that Epic added to Fortnite before Season 3 started.

A whole lot of players can push competitions, throw a Crash Pad, and jump in to complete the kill. This is old information, however YouTuber ShakaFN innovated with this particular strategy. He also posted a movie that revealed five fresh Crash Pad plans that set them inside the must-carry strategy.

The initial strategy in Shaka’s movie has become easily the most insightful and useful. The plan is much like the grenade-stack approach that we find in virtually all competitive games.


Following that, you throw a second Crash Pad at your toes to push your competitor. If your time is ideal, then you need to land as the initial Crash Pad breaks through an enemy’s box. Shaka also showcased the way you may use the exact same strategy to acquire a free sniper shot in an opponent. This could synergize flawlessly with the newest Flare Gun.

The majority of the other approaches in his movie are overly circumstantial for widespread usage, but they all are inventions that bring us new ways to utilize the Crash Pad as an offensive instrument.

We would not be surprised to find a few top-tier players utilizing these approaches in competitive games, therefore jump into Creative Mode and exercise your time!

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